Press Release: SPLM-IO denies attacking Malakal

news001pxPress release
What has been Circulating and published at Al-Watan Arabic news paper in South Sudanese today no. 127 date Friday, January 15, and that our troops under the command of the Commander-in-Chief of SPLA and SPLM Chairman Dr Riek Machar had attacked the headquarters of the Cholo kingdom in Malakal and here should be explained as follows:
the town of Malakal still until now under full control by Government forces and if we assume that our forces attack the Mak of cholo headquarters in Malakal that’s mean we should return control of Malakal, which hasn’t happened yet As Malakal until now under the control of Government forces.
Office headquarters of the Mak of cholo is not in any way in the town of Malakal and this is known to everyone.
Cheap attempt by the newspaper editors above won’t find ears heard her as she paid cheap pens seeks to expand the discord among citizens of one country.
The above attempt came after the clear declaration during the visit of the Chairman of the JMEC and the former President of Botswana Feasts Moga to the town of Malakal during the previous two days, in which they announced the rejection of the new 28 States.
So we would like to make it clear to the media outlets and to citizens of the South Sudan that SPLM leadership and the army commanders are committed to implement the agreement signed between the parties on Aug. 17th and 26th and therefore our forces also maintained its cease-fire resolution issued by the high command. Al watan newspaper are shame-free and we would like to ask all the southern newspapers to adhere to ethics and the ABCs of journalism to what could cause such behavior what can have negative impact on restoring confidence and peace building process in the State.
Nyarji Jermlili roman
Office of the chairman and commander in chief


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