A Dinka lawyer is calling for arrest of Salva Kirr

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aaaaa Monyluak Alor is calling on international community to indicted Salva Kirr for War crime. He is also Calls  for accountability for South Sudan army   war criminals such as General Chief of Staff Paul Malong Awan

Monyluak in South Sudan’s capital Juba is calling for violators of war crimes to be held accountable and calling for restitution of lands seized in Juba after the events of December 2013.

Monyluak Alor Kuol told Radio Tamazuj on the weekly programme South Sudan This Week that perpetrators of abuses that occurred during the war should be brought to justice.

He said that most of the lawyers in South Sudan believe that the achievement of justice is essential, appealing to the judiciary to expedite the restitution of land and houses seized during the outbreak of fighting in Juba after their owners were forced to take shelter in the UN ‘protection sites’.

Separately, the Bishop Enoch Tombe, head of the Episcopal Diocese of Rejaf, discussed on the same programme the need for more reconciliation between communities damaged during the conflict and the need for an impartial truth commission.

Listen to the full programme (in Arabic) below.

File photo: Monyluak Alor Kuol (Radio Tamazuj)

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  1. Your website is more tribalistic more than every body in South Sudan, how you can call Monyluak Alor A dinka lawyer if your website is genuine.

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