Breaking News: 4 people killed, Lou Nuer were attacked by Government forces in Pajut

unifeed111228cSource in Yuai, Bieh State have contacted the Africans Press saying movement forces launch a counter attack against Lou Nuer on Friday and a again on Saturday killings four (4) people

The commissioner of Yuai County, Bieh State confirmed that four civilians killed. He also says that government forces are building up from Bor to Pajut.

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  1. Those who kills civilians because they are part of the govt.who signed peace are generating crisis in the country , they must be very carefull in doing that, and their leaders who send them to kills civilians stop their madeness otherwise this country will not take us.
    the govt.send forces to the near by area of Uror County we know it and it is the implementation of the 28 states by force that make do it.
    please let us look for peace which is now on focus to end the crisis , if choose war itwill not help us,
    And my word to the Lou Nuer who give peace a chance to solve our crisis in the beaware the enemies of peace are ready to destroy it , you should sleep , stand still for peace but be on your protection.
    to my friends the near communities also see into it that we do not resume the war.
    to the followers of the govt.from our community if that is not your wish to destroy our community stop your friends not to kills pls.

  2. We know the intention of government toward Lou Nuer Land, but God will empower our almighty white Army who have always been sacrificed their life in self defense to land, properties n innocents civilians.

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