Salve Kirr: From failure in his military career to most killer and murderous in history of South Sudan



From failure to become one of the Nuer murderous President in history of South Sudan and African in general. The secrets life I know about Salva Kiir that other people need to know is that,  Salva Kirr is a naturally born coward person. To me explain this and how one should only use a simplicity term so that we are clear. During the war of liberation before CPA, all his operations used to end up in failure. The most notable one is the operation Kon Anok in Rumbek when SPLA really incurred heavy casualties under his command and they never succeeded.

Rumba had to be captured later on by someone else, has is know by all South Sudanese, Salva Kirr never capture a town nor have he ever led a major successful operation. to cut the story short, in 2004 when the CPA was about to be signed, he started panicking from the blue that John Garang was going to arrest him and replace him with Nhial Deng which was a complete nonsense.

He decided to avoid meeting John Garang and mobilising forces ready to fight because of this pure baseless rumour. He was later convinced by Dr. Riek Machar and other comrades to meet Garang in Rumbek. In Rumbek, John Garang told him that this was the work of those against CPA, the Arabs are not happy with the provisions of self-determination and 50 percent wealth sharing and they are trying to create problems within our own movement.

Garang said to Kiir that if he replaced him with Nhial Deng, he would not only be dismissing Kiir but also all the people senior to Nhial starting from Riek, Wani all the way down. Garang said that he had confidence in Kiir and happy with his performance. Again when Garang suddenly died in helicopter accident, Kiir refused to be protected by the commando force that was specifically trained to protect the commander in chief for just unfounded fear of being protected by people he didn’t trust.

He instead went to his village to bring young villagers who committed massacres against Nuer in Juba in December 2013. In 2013 when there was political wrangling within SPLM, Kiir used not to sleep in the presidential palace but in his cattle camp which was near Juba just for unfounded fears. Now, Kiir is afraid of the fact that Nuers are coming back to Juba and he doesn’t like the implementation of the peace between his government and the SPLM-IO.

When the debate over reforms within the SPLM party went bitter in December 2013, Kiir decided to forcefully disarm the Nuer elements of the presidential guards and then war broke out in South Sudan. And more evidence that point to the fact that Kiir is really a coward person.

History will not only send you to your grave, it will also follow you in the grave

By Daniel Kuer Bol

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3 comments on “Salve Kirr: From failure in his military career to most killer and murderous in history of South Sudan”

  1. Kiir and Machar, both have black faces and history of failures, one can never convince wel informed South Sudanese like us about either of them. Take the 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement, SSLM, Bor Massacre that Machar admitted having ordered in 2009 in Bor with mediation from Rebecca De Mabior.

  2. Any way describe with any words you see can suit him, but remember if he was so coward as you are describing him, why Riek left him in Juba and ran away.

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