KDF Death toll in Somali is 103, BODIES arrive at Wilson Airport, 15 found stranded in bush, 4 treaking to Kenya border

Jan. 18, 2016, Injured KDF soldiers arrive at the Wilson Airport. Death toll is 100+ according to my source in Gedo. I have been in contact with a group of 4 KDF servicemen detached from the rest after the attack headed towards Kenya border somewhere in Nakole after two days in the bush and have confirmed they have been rescued. 15 more found stranded in the bushes miles away. By Saturday 33 had been an accounted for. 12 KDF soldiers captured by Alshabab have spoken for the first time in an audio released today. Most of the soliders were from the 9KR Eldoret and just been at the camp for less than 2wks. Meanwhile There was an ambush by Alshabab on a KDF convoy late Saturday as reinforcement headed to El Adde from Elwak. KDF reportedly hit Wagaddud Shabab camp. Alshabab have now vacated El Adde KDF camp as reinforcement was sent from El Wak.


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