Breaking News: Akol Koor declared that No SPLM IO leaving, he orders National security


A source in Juba confirmed Sudan Tribune’s report that Akol Koor ordered South Sudan national Security to arrest any SPLM IO who attempted to leave Juba

They also alleged that some members of the advance team who wanted to visit their families in Nairobi were returned back from Juba airport on Tuesday by security personnel who prevented them from boarding a plane.

One of the senior members mentioned is Agrey Idri Ezbon, the deputy chairman of national committee for finance and resource mobilization in the opposition faction, who was briefly detained and told to get back to his hotel.

He was allegedly stopped from attempting to board a plane to Nairobi at the order of Akol Koor, director general of internal security in the government.

However, opposition leader’s spokesman, James Gatdet Dak, when contacted confirmed that a number of their members were prevented from leaving Juba at the airport, but downplayed the severity of the situation.

“Yes, we have received reports that some of our officials were prevented from leaving Juba. However, there is no reason for alarm. There are procedures through which they can be granted official permission to visit their families outside the country,” Dak told Sudan Tribune.

He also said the SPLM-IO was committed to implementing the peace agreement, but however added that the leadership in Pagak will deliberate on the situation over the stalemate and resolve on a way forward.

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4 Comments on "Breaking News: Akol Koor declared that No SPLM IO leaving, he orders National security"

  1. أنا لا اراء مشكلة في ذاهب وفد المعارضة المسلحة إلي فقاك او رجعوهم إلي جوبا.

    إذا رجعوا مرحبآ بهم و مرحب بالسلام و إذا لم يرجعوا برضو لا تفرق معانا.

    سنبداء في مكان الذي وقفنا فيه في فترة الحصاد لنكمل حصاد ما تبقت من المحصيل ذرة ، فول ، سمسم و غيرها

  2. Justice Libery and Prosperity. Sounds great, but for whom? The national security function is operating outside the constitution and the law. No oversight. No contrils. South Sudan managed to take the worst out of Sudan and refine it. New mechanisms for opression. Not a lot of Justice and certainly not a lot of freedom either.
    Let peipke travel freely. Unless they have comitted a crime. Keeping people against their will is called kidnapping. Surely this can not be the case. Time to dissolve national security and add a modest similar functuon to the police service instead. Open and transparent. Would be good for south sudan.

  3. why such nonsense are done by that secruity personnel while peace implementation is in continuation from side of splm io
    we the south Sudanese require peace instead of war.why don’t we shoutout for peace implementation process