Breaking News: An urgent call on SPLM-IO leadership to organize a public Conference that need all members to discus the issue of 28 States.

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20 January 2016

For immediate Release

We, the SPLM-IO supporters and sympathizers in Diaspora and the victims of the current civil war in South Sudan are calling up on SPLM-IO leadership to organize a public consultation/conference that need all members to discus the issue of 28 States. We cannot afford any decree from the IO leadership to decide this decisive issue. Today, as we speak, the leaders of advance team are meeting in Pagak to discus the issue of 28 states. We are calling on SPLM-IO Leadership to call a fourth (4th) Pagak conference that will be attended by all members and discus the issue of 28 States by all members.

Today, 38 leaders of advance team are having a meeting that is being held between advance team and leadership in Pagak. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the issue of 21 State, that was decreed by Salva Kirr on 2nd October 2015 to established 28 States. The objective for Salva Kirr was to grabbed lands from their owners to other South Sudanese.

However, on the agreement reached at the negotiations in Addis Ababa, and set out in in transitional government of national unity, the issue of more States was left out by the negotiators, countries and agencies present at the comprise peace agreement detailed on the discussion signed in August 2015 concerning the formation of the National Unity Government.

On January 17, 2016 JUBA, The South Sudanese President, Salva Kiir drawn a red line over revocation of the 28 new states he unilaterally created despite signing a peace deal with the armed opposition and other stakeholders to end 21 months of conflict. The president made these remarks at his residence on Sunday after meeting representatives of the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) who visited him to inquire if the decision by the armed opposition advance team to pull out of ongoing discussions would not advance affect the peace deal signed last year.

“I hear people opposed to this demand are pulling out their representatives as a way to put a pressure on the government to make concession”, said Kiir.
“There is nothing which can be conceded because this is not the demand of the government. If they want, let them call the people and let them [the people] come out and say they do not want”, added the president.

The issue of 28 States is not an easy issue that should be discus solely by the leadership alone, it should be discus by the entire movement

We are calling on Dr. Riek Machar to call an urgent meeting in Pagak sooner to discus this issue by all members.



  1. ساتك دكتور رياك ! هل تعلم أن العالم اكتشف شئي من هندستك التي تبني بها العمارة بلا سيق.

    أنا اراء أنك مجرد سياسي الذي يدير خططهُ بالنظرهُ و ليس بعقلهُ.
    لآن إذا كنت اصلآ تدير إستراتيجياتك بعقلك لما عرفت أن العالم باكملهُ ينظر إليك بعين المجردة.

    و شكرآ مع توفيق بالنجاح
    و تزكري أن باب النجاح متمثل في تغير سياساتك.

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