Breaking News: new fighting in Western Equatoria capital Yambio



YAMBIO (21 Jan.)

New clashes have broken out in Yambio, the capital of South Sudan’s Western Equatoria state.

The clashes began around 5 o’clock Thusrday morning, according to a source. Gunfire has continued on and off until now, sources said. Casualties were reported though there are no concrete figures yet.

The market is reportedly empty with civilians seeking shelter in their homes or near the United Nations base in the town, a source said. That source said some people are afraid to reach the UN base because shooting has been heard in the area of the base.

The fighting took place mainly on the southern side of the town near the prison, according to sources. That area is near a frontline between the government-controlled Yambio town and Gangura Payam which is held by the South Sudan National Liberation Movement.

The SSNLM is a militia led by ex-SPLA commanders from Western Equatoria. The SSNLM signed a preliminary peace agreement with the government in November, but the deal has yet to be finalized.


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