Breaking News: SPLA IO spokesman James Dak accused of Fraud with Sudan tribune


January 21, 2016

By: A female source from (Sudan tribune) who does not want to be identified to the public.

The source indicated to our correspondent team that the spokesperson for the SPLM/SPLA IO revolutionary movement under the leadership of Rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny James Dak has been taking endorsements from Sudan Tribune incorporation, she stressed that Dak has been receiving payments from Sudan tribune upon his appointment as the spokesperson for the IO after the defection of the former spokesperson Gen. Lul Raui to Juba SPLA The payments Dak has been receiving is because he is expected to reveal sensitive documents to the reporter’s for first hand publication. Which is very dangerous for the movement:

She stressed, many leaks in the office of the chairman came from the contract signed between James dak and Sudan tribune correspondents, the contract stated that James dak cannot associate himself with other associations , which is the reason Sudan tribune are the only site who publish his statements. She fears that this will in the future jeopardize the future of Sudan tribune and James Dak, it is not right to endorse a member of a rebel group, on the other hand it is not right for the member to receive payments to release information to the press. This is a very dangerous move, which can jeperodize the movement for the people of South Sudan . It is also not a fair game to other members who would want to publish to Sudan tribune, but they are prohibited because Sudan tribune has already signed a contracted with a member who will reveal information to them. Therefore all other member’s will simply become less relevant.

She said many members from Sudan Tribune are angry about this situation but cannot speak out due to fear of losing their occupations. She asked that we do not identify her name to the public until after investigations have been properly conducted. We asked about the amount of money possibly Dak could be receiving and more information on the length of the contract signed between dak and tribune but she refused to answer both question , stating after investigations have been probably investigated, I would be more than happy to answer all your questions.


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