Update: SPLA assassinated former commissioner WES General Secretariat Hon. Angelo Parakondo

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Former commissioner WES General Secretariat Hon. Angelo Parakondo lying dead in Yambio after he was murdered.
Speaking to Commander in Chief & Chairman of SSPPF/Arrow Boy’s Lt. Gen. Charles Kisanga……..

I want to clarify points about WES Fighting. The fighting in Yambio is not between forces under my command , the SSPPF/Arrow boys but is between a group who called themselves South Sudan National Liberation movement (SSNLM) under the command of James Kabira and Victor Wanga. In Nov last year they were wooed by Caretaker Governor Patrick Zamoi to sign an agreement with the tribal Government in Juba where Hon victor Danda was despatched for such negotiations with a lot of money also but later the group became agitated that government was deceiving them and when Hon Victor Danda and his group returned in December to finalise it , the deal fell apart.

Mostly the deal was to give them money and get some of them into SPLA were deception and agreement were all fake to disarm them and leave them redundant t or even arrest some of their leaders. I tried to woe the group to join arrow boys under SSPPF/Arrow Boys but their commander James Kabira was very stubborn. Last few days rumours was circulating tha Commander James Kabira was going to attack Yambio and so no surprise SPLA attached his base in Gangura/ Birisi where then sent some forces to the rear resulting in clashes spreading to Yambio.

A bridge of Uze which links Yamabio and Nabiapai ( Built with USAID money) was broken so that SPLA armour cannot return from Gangura area and they cannot resupply their soldiers. SPLA has taken advantage to kill some prominent leaders like former commissioner WES General Secretariat headquarters Angelo Parakondo who was shot dead in his car as he was driven by his driver. Although this group of Arrow Boys tried to free some of their comrades from prison they are not the ones to blame for death of some politicians in Yambio but same SPLA as much as what hey did in Mundri by shooting the Executive Director and try to blame it on rebels.

I had warned Equatorians leaders to get out because SPLA tribal army will assassinate them during any conflict because SPLA Military Intelligence has marked them all.

SPLA tribal army has gone on killing spree and hundreds of homes has been set ablaze and looted din Yambio. Hundreds have fled to UN compound while man are seeking refuge in the bushes. Other prominent leaders are said to have been shot or ran into hiding and it may be sometimes before we know extent of the carnage.

SPLA has deployed troops on all corners of Yambio and shooting continues as their armoured personnel carriers are trucks are stuck in Gangura as the groups hits back in tactical guerrilla hit and run games. I’m also told Victor Wanga is seriously wounded in the fighting.

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