Peter Gatdet and Gabriel Tanginya are calling for Nuer Unity

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While attending the community meeting in Khartoum, Gabriel Tanginya, Peter Gatdet and Chanson Lew called for the unity of the Nuer Unity.

Peter Gatdet reminded the general public after seven months of his concern that we are sons of this community and we stood with you when we are needed.He said, “we can not betray our people, we were only raised our concerns and those concern are still holding the peace process up to now”

Gabiel Tanginya says that “unless we are united and see the future through all side” so that future of South Sudan will be secured

On July 22, 2015 SPLM-IO spokesman Mabor Garang commented on the defection of the two generals saying it “should not be a source of trepidation to members of the Movement…this is a normal occurrence in any revolution.”

He added, “Members should remain vigilant and focus on the upcoming IGAD Plus Mediation which is the best way to transform the current situation in the country and achieve a sustainable peace.”

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