“Jieng Elders war Objectives: 28 States and end

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kuaBy Ambassador Kuajien Lual
Many people wonders of what is in Juba, inquiring whether it’s a real government that represent the interest of 64 tribes and indeed can create system the “demand of people,” Jieng Elders fake propaganda. Jieng Elders indeed divided 64 tribes, they aren’t thy representatives.
It can’t be real whence security sectors, including Jieng SPLA Militia Corporation, tribal SPLM, foreign affairs, media/information and presidency all Jiengs although use other in war.
Bear in mind, there is no leadership today. South Sudan leadership is divided; Jieng elders own Jieng decision in the airs, IO owns its territories and unarmed oppositions scattered with Lomoro chasing Jieng Elders’ loyalty selling out people of Maridi, Mundri/WES & RSS.
It’s doubtful, whether the world and South Sudanese have understood the causes & objectives of Jiengs forced civil war complication and Kiir/Dinka elders pursuing interest in this war.

This war is caused by whim of to die a president, accompany by Jieng doctrine, born to rule. Planed implementation procedures have widely been recorded by many writers and reports, including AUCISS’s “coordinated state policy” by Dinka groups mostly from Bahr-El-Gazal;

Dictatorship consolidation against intruders, anti-oppositions; state policy, cleanse Nuer tribe whose son wants to lead the nation or the threat to Dinka elders born-to-rule policy; and last, lands grabbing to Dinka (from Fertit, Shilluk, Nuer and other) policy using state power.

Note Jieng elders’ war objectives are of many poles and have not yet been achieved. How do people expect it to end when Dr. Machar who still 100% fugitive to be a president is not yet capture alive; Dogs and Goats (Naath) haven’t yet get tire so Makuei mate with them and convincively defeated to lay down beside Kiir and Dinka elders dooming waging their tails irrespectively; Chollo, Raja & Nuer lands haven’t yet unquestionably taken; the rising Equatorians are not defeated; & when Jieng hegemony/superiority is still being challenging?

Now, people hope is on international community. But one may inquires whether international community is a person with mind, ears and eyes or persons form out of interests & anarchies.

Someone may ask, is it not Yoweri Museveni or UK the international community? If yes, what will Museveni, whom his army (UPDF) dropped cluster bombs and pursued (Nuer) ethnics cleansing (the coordinated state policy) do for self-failed state?
Briefly, international community is persons with interests; has laws without enforcing authority, loose laws & authorities; with many yes and no vetoes; form on interests and by/of dictators and democrats – many persons in one anarchy system; with a mix of like salts, sugar and sand, a combination that no man can appreciate; and that does not exist of its own rather in you, he, she, him, her and them provided that you are anointed with interest, oil and power.

These persons can only demand you to build trust. Seriously! Will Dinka government under Kiir and Dinka elders the parliament really build trust with oppositions or Dinka tribe with Nuer, Chollo, Equatorians or Fertit? I am very deadly skeptical here.
I think building trust is unlikely in South Sudan today, tomorrow and in future as a result of and under Kiir’s Jieng elders’ empire leadership. Find out if trust is possible to end this war.
I vet your company, if “Trust” the requirement of peace by international community, you would rule out the possibility of peaceful South Sudan under Salva Kiir and Dinka elders.

I may be wrong. One major objective of Jieng elders’ war is 28 states. Is 28 states a demand of people (the deception propaganda) or Dinka tribe’s demand? To any layman understanding, 28 states order is illegal, anti-peaceful co-existence and sincerely a Dinka tribe’s demand.

There is only pains and cries, no celebrations in Great Nuer, Chollo, Murle, Fertit, Maban (the confused small tribe), Anyuak and Greater Equatoria but an abundance joys and happiness, proud and ignorant of voices of anger and grievances in the Greater Dinka. See it critically!!!
Be wise; give me my freedom and take yours. This civil war has 28 states as its objective to strengthen permanent Dinka elders-rule. In perpetual planed vision 28 states have major aims:

1. Dinka Elders under Salva Kiir have realized that their planed coordinated state policy war and its atrocities exposed the true color of Dinka elders whose actions victimizing all Dinka. This loudly spoke in Jieng elders minds that 99% of 63 tribes will be cautious and careful of future Dinka leadership, political affiliation or relationship;

2. Jieng collective presidency shows them that should South Sudan be a federal democratic nation 99% of 63 tribes will likely isolate Dinka if not Bahr-El-Gazal Dinka where Salva Kiir, Paul Malong and JCE leader (A. Riiny Thiik) come from. This gave 28s illusive conclusion;

3. Should South Sudanese (including Dinka) make a join solution to this war, which I doubt, and in any inconvenience cause by democracy or success of any of the 63 tribes’ son to become president of South Sudan, 28 states order 36 has these pre-predicted solutions:

a. In any democratic country government is form through representation and majority in the parliament, either through party or community members, rule. Dinka elders calculated that Dinka community through 13 Dinka owned states (5 years time Jienginized Lol & Wau state included) will have majority in the parliament, executive & judiciary, and governors;

b. Very likely once the president become a non-Dinka, Jieng elders/politicians will table motion through 28 governors forum where they have majority as a tribe or through dominated and puppeteer parliament, that the form of government should be a parliamentarian system.

A system where prime minister is (powerful) the head of government appointed by parliament (a party/tribe with majority in the parliament after election) fouling the winner to remain as president, the head the state with ceremonial powers.
Thus, the Dinka inhabited 13 states’ governors and members of parliament will support the motion the same manner they support 28 states. In addition to fear, definitely such motion will earn majority.

Finally, South Sudan will then return to Jieng Council of elders’ rule, maybe shall impose another hat headed president with similar characters with the current black hat-head president;

c. In lieu of predicted 28s outcomes stated in a & b above, Jieng Elders inertly concluded with fictitious Dinka country. Believe this or not, Jieng Elders shall take guns to liberate 13 states or popularly become a country through referendum since people may reject another war 2020.

4. To the worst, 13 states are enough for a country to declare. This is the core objective underpinning creation of 28 states follows by wish of courting all Dinka community to gang up after Dinka elders and Salva Kiir. Example of this is defection of Eng. Chol Tong Mayai to Jieng SPLM from G10; Eng. Chol Tong applauded 28 states creation.

5. If South Sudanese will accept 28 states without resistance, then Dinka land will continue swelling, including quick Dinkanizing Raja, Wau, Maban and Chollo of so call Eastern Nile. Soon, they said communities lands become Dinka ancestral lands and do away with them.

Consequently, territorial expansion will continue beyond currently contested areas in Naath, Equatorians, Murle and Chollo lands until the whole South Sudan constituencies owned by and speak Dinka. Hence the whole country will become 100% Dinka nations & nationalities.

In conclusion, this war and 28 states have defined interests and benefits to Dinka community. The said community with Museveni & JEM has been enjoying wealth of the nation for 2 solid years without 99% of Nuer and Chollo brothers. This is so far one achieved objective.

This presumption will continue motivating Dinka led army to fight to death, meanwhile Dinka community worldwide, except true nationalist elites, will rally behind Kiir in his war of Dinka domination. 28 states creation is part of coordinated state policy that killed 20,000 Nuer, Juba.

Dinka Elders and Salva Kiir previously lost the ground to opposition groups because their objectives were too destructive to lives, properties and country in general. Now with 28 states Salva Kiir is strong and determined to die in power for Dinka future and survival strategies.

JMEC, UN and weak AU will never resolve such tribal foreigners (Museveni) backed planed war. People are the solution; either destroys South Sudan; divide it into 3 or finish oneselves.

Kiir has been the hero in the world in the last 2 years, maybe due to M7. Every international actor fears and admires him despite loses and mistrust Jieng Elders sow in South Sudan. It’s the people that can defeat the army for the country is belonging to the people by/for people.

For united South Sudan, the divided 64 tribes could choose to confront the enemy of peace, be it a tribe as Dinka Elders made it up or groups of tribal bigots as SPLM/A-IO believes in.

When people rise up, people can change the army’s tank rule. This would be possible either one of the two succeed; either Dinka community reconsider their firm stand behind their son Salveni by challenging Malong, Salveni, Makuei/Kuol and Dinka Elders whose objectives is to litter and divide the diversity, whether through gun or by giving up to fight for Salveni; or the aggrieved South Sudanese confront Jieng Elders to the end. Very quickly South Sudan will have South Sudan (African) solution to South Sudan (African) problem, Salveni called.

It’s not international community that can bring down South Sudan tribal backed collective dictatorship but the former can comes into people help in certain ways, e.g. Trusteeship, etc.”

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