South Sudanese must confront this tribal association ( i.e JCE )


David Bang

By David Bang Teny, Mass Media Executive Coordinator for Diaspora

There is a need for all political parties to take on tribal entities directly influencing decision making processes

We didn’t know as much that certain tribal entities were running the affairs of state under the carpet. It was not until the end of 2013 that some of them came out openly and dictate key political decisions that only suite their interests against other citizens.

Honestly speaking, the idea that ‘we are better, … we fought more than others, we are going to rule indefinitely’ as a group would not take us anywhere. It is unfortunate that some opportunists forgot the fact that South Sudanese are not that easy to manipulate using force. Our long liberation struggles must have been a living testimony.

South Sudan political parties including the SPLM groupings must address this issue of tribal entities and should tell them to mind their own tribal business.

Only when this is taken care of that we won’t have issue of tribalism which basically led us into this imposed civil war. Our leaderships collectively need to workout something that would prevent tribal association (s) taking over state affairs.


Elders are assets in any society due to the experience that they have gone through in life. It could even be better if such elders are well informed politically for they could be looked to as guiding stars to young politicians.

However, a very disturbing trend is happening in South Sudan that elders are forming associations ultimately creating problems out of blue against other tribes. More disturbing that some have demanded to have their interest be made republican decree as they see it fit.

South Sudanese must confront these tribal association which are formed with the intend of influencing state affairs. Unity in diversity remains the only best choice we have and that our tribal identities should be not used against each other. Instead, we must be proud of our diverse backgrounds with common cause in life.

In fact, it is not true that all communities have formed those type of entities but few and most notably are the Jieng (Dinka) and the Nuer just to mention a few. The Jieng Council of Elders in my opinion take the bigger share of blames for taking Salva Kiir Mayardit as their own instead of being someone who happens to be a Jieng but a national leader.

Cousins sometime do things likewise and so some Nuer elders in Nairobi, Kenya copycat the Jieng Council of Elders and came up with an association called Nuer Council of Elders. You can tell that they too were/are after something very destructive to the nation as a whole.

As concerned citizens, we should address this unfortunate growing tribalism though this seems to have the blessings of some key individuals currently in position of power who could cut your finger should they wish using law enforcement agencies.

Only when we stand up for our rights without fear that South Sudan will be stable again.Therefore, there is a need for all political parties and individuals alike to take on tribal entities directly influencing decision making processes.


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