Breaking News: UN is going to take over South Sudan

download-11A panel of investigators for South Sudan has asked the UN Security Council to blacklist “high-level decision makers responsible for the actions and policies that threaten the peace, security and stability of the country.”

In a confidential report seen by Radio Tamazuj, the UN-appointed experts named President Salva Kiir, army chief-of-staff Paul Malong, National Security Service chief Akol Kur and rebel leader Riek Machar as meeting the criteria for UN sanctions.

The Panel of Experts was established by a Security Council resolution in 2015. This panel is mandated to recommend which individuals should be subject to an international travel ban and asset freeze, though a higher-level Security Council sanctions committee is actually responsible for adopting their recommendations or not.

The experts cited “clear and convincing evidence… that the majority of acts of violence committed in the course of the war by government-affiliated forces, including targeting of civilians and violations of international human rights law, has been directed by senior individuals at the highest levels of government or undertaken with their knowledge, including Kiir, Malong and the director general of the NSS Internal Security Bureau, Akol Kur.”

Findings by the UN experts echo those of the African Union Inquiry report by former Nigerian president Olusegun Obesanjo, which said that war crimes and crimes against humanity “were committed pursuant to or in furtherance of a State policy.”

The Panel report cites meetings and communications between Malong and army and militia commanders in Unity State before and during the dry season offensive of 2015, during which many atrocities were committed, as well as distributions of supplies and ammunition to troops and ethnic militias in this state and elsewhere.

“A group of senior security officials [Malong, Lt. Gen. James Ajongo, Lt. Gen. Malual Ayom, Lt. Gen. Malek Ruben, and NSS chief Akol Kur] planned the offensive starting in January 2015 and subsequently oversaw its execution that spring and throughout the summer, with ultimate command responsibility remaining with Malong.”

The UN experts say that they interviewed senior personnel in the SPLA to corroborate their claims about this offensive and who was responsible for it.

Another accusation is that security chief Akol Kur oversaw the supply of weapons to ethnic militias in Unity State, with state-run oil company Nilepet used as a vehicle for arms purchases. Kur is also a board member of Nilepet.

Militia operations in Unity State were overseen by SPLA Maj. Gen. Thayip Gatluak Tai Tai and Maj. Gen. Matthew Puljang, among others, with assistance from local county commissioners including John Bol Mayak of Mayom, Gordon Koang Biel of Koch, Kor Gatmai Garang of Mayendit, and Wai Yach Gatkuoth of Leer.

According to the report, Kur also was involved in arming an ethnic militia that was mobilized prior to the start of the war: “In 2013, Kur bypassed Oyay Deng Ajak, then the minister for National Security, and went straight to the presidency to facilitate the acquisition of the Israeli ACE rifles cited in the Panel’s interim report (S/2015/656). (These ACE rifles were handed out to members of the Mathiang Anyoor from the Presidential Palace as they targeted Nuer in Juba in December 2013).”

Though the Panel said the government committed the majority of violence since May 2015 in South Sudan, the Panel found that violence perpetrated by opposition forces was also directed “at the highest levels” or undertaken with their knowledge, including by Riek Machar, head of the SPLM-IO. Machar “continues to seek funding and weapons to prosecute the war and to further his personal political ambitions at the expense of peace,” reads the report.



  1. Taking over South Sudan as a UN Trusteeship is long overdue. The expenses incurred by the Western citizens, the tax payers, is already staggering.

    It’s time an international administration takes over the country to chagrin of those hell bent on promoting their personal egos over national issues. I personally wholeheartedly welcome the move.

    The Eastern Rock

  2. Sincerely United nation take over to silence all the big criminals and judge them for their criminal actions including steering and destroying I personally supporting the action

  3. Hey, guys UN is just an organization. It is not a government, but let me tell you this Rick Marchar will not be South Sudan president if is the only Nure remaind in S Sudan. Because he is very contemplate person and the way he thinks. Is so thoughtless. Who do you support that kind of person. The person support him is part of corruption of South Sudan; however, when he was a vice presidence what good thing, he did to prove himself as a leader. Rick is a youless leader. He does not have any value among Southness because what he did in 1991. He run to Khartoum and leaved the movement in the bush if he was defeat the SPLA at that time and because a second vice president of Sudan. Is he knew the movement is good today. He should just live in South Sudan As a woman because he is not a man? He run away when people in the bush. Rick must go away from South Sudan because I can’t write his name right I don’t believe on him as a leader for South Sudan. The P. H.D he has, it is garbage. The person in grade six is better then him and more wise. Tell your leader Rick Machar to go back to school. I am telling this to people who are following him.

  4. We citizens of Rep of South Sudan need only peace of our mind. Whoever responsible in committing problem, must feel the consequence because, it look like theres no Democracy prevailing in this Counrty.

  5. Absurd! UN will rue the wild jungles. Hope they think twice because there are South Sudanese who don’t give a damn about Kiir or Riek but they are suffering silently and here comes another colonizer dressed like a savior…Be ready to face the hungry..angry traumatized men!

  6. To me south Sudan can be a good country without kiirdit ,Machar in this problem ,
    if it is me who is pdt of Rpb south Sudan I will go out this char because no need people are deadlines and im a pdt I see no love of my people inthis nation.
    Anyway we need peace only than anything,

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