Breaking News: An army group from Anyuak attacked a Bus travelling from Gambella to Addis this morning killings unknown number of people


Jan. 28, 2016, A source in Gambella has contacted Africans Press and said that a Bus travelling from Gambella to Addis Ababa was attacked this morning by Anyuak Army group killings unknown number of people.

Anuak militia members ambushed a bus travelling from Gambella to Addis Ababa



  1. It’s white lie. Please don’t spread such lies to public. I personally contacted my relatives there and there is nothing going on. The fighting is within Gambella town.

  2. Mr. poster stop this pretending to the world wide,to destroyed the name of our people,I know you are one of the people beating dream of war in Gambela region.Be sure we are fearless tribe,if we say yes to fight no one or government troop that could stand in front of us.