Breaking News: South Sudan’s Kiir warns of full-scale war against IO while addressing his Dinka Council of Elder at his resident on Monday January 25, 2016


January 28, 2016 (JUBA) – Salva Kirr react angrily against UN report and said that South Sudan will soon ignore threats for sanctions and embark on full-scale war against rebels if they continue demanding the issue of 28 States and violating the ceasefire, president Salva Kiir warned.

Salve Kirr was reacting to the looming sanctions suggested by UN panel in New York
he warns strongly by saying, “Our patience is running out and next time when I come back from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, I will tell you that any slight attack on our forces, we will breakout for offensive attack against Riek Machar’s forces,” Kiir told his Dinka at his resident yesterday

“This was what I told [Kenyan] president Uhuru Kenyatta when he called me yesterday to attend an extraordinary of IGAD heads of state and government and the Africa Union annual summit,” he said.

The South Sudanese leader claimed the armed opposition forces took advantage of the rainy season to prepare for continued military offensives, believing government troops would not be able to move with heavy weapons, specifically tanks to support ground forces.

“Time has come for us to change this way, now Riek Machar took it as an advantage to continue carrying out offensive against our forces since rainy season and he set the rainy season for offensive because government tanks will not be able to move but we say okay, we will not wait for that again,” said the president.

“If it is for the punishment of the UN or the international community, we will accept since they are not punishing Riek Machar,” said Kiir.

“If peace is [a] one-sided judgment, then we will accept it,” he added.

South Sudanese leaders risk sanctions if they fail to amicably resolve the raging conflict, which has killed thousands of people and displaced nearly two million internally and into neighbouring nations.

Last year, the United States, Canada and the European Union imposed sanctions on military generals from both sides of the conflict for allegedly obstructing peace talks mediated by regional leaders.

The world youngest nation, Economic Frontiers warned, could lose between $22-28 billion if its current conflict continues for one to five years.


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