Murle attacked Makak killings 21 people and abducted 3 children, reporting with sadness from Makak, Sobat Stat, Nasir

Murle Army Youth

The victims of the Makak Massacre by the criminals from the Murle Army youths is as followings:  Makak village is located South East of Nasir town.

The list of Casualties:

1: Gatwech Tut Reath 2: Kubang Kang Wath 3: Wakow Tuach Reat 4:Biel Guk Chom 5:Maker Deng Chuol 6: Nyakuiy Chuol Thiang 7: Nyatuach Kuany Kier 8: Nyibol Gach 9: Thiaran Joc Guok 10: Kan Chuol Biel 11: Nyagoa Buk Puk 12: Gatwech Puok Luak 13: Mayian Lul Tor 14: Wanykuany Kier 15: Nyareak Wal Chuol 16: Chuol Wany Kuny 17: Nyaliep Maet 18: Nyakuin Chuol Thiang 19: Nyaduong Koang 20: Bol Mar Kueylual 21: Nyareik Tut Ngundeng 22: Tut Guichwang Chuol The list of wounded: 1-changkuoth Mach maker 2-Gatluak chuol Kuching 3-nyaguk pouch Bithow 4-Nyalam wal chuol 5-Bichiok Khan chuol 6-chuol that Kuach 7-nyaden ter Gatkuoth 8-nyagoa Deng gach 9-diu pal makuach 10-Khor rambang Deng 11-Gach macthok maker 12-Nyanhail mallow muons 13-gatwech Tut Thot 14:Koang Minyjing Wur 15: nyawour Gatluak Yak 16: Nyakot Jock Luk 17: Nyakier Lul Buok 18: Chuol Buk Puk 19:Nyagun Koryom Mabor 20:Wal Bol Tot 21 Makak Mach Maker

Abducted children 1: Najuok Buk Puk 2: Juma Mach Maker 3: Wakriel Mach Maker



  1. bad news, and it’s good for God to advice the murli community to stop this killing Nuer people. b/ce if Nuer will leave Dinka & turn to Murli community, it will be more worse than.

  2. Why Murle did the same things again? Where are the Jiec Mibor( white army)? Why there is no instruction from the army force of SPLA/m IO help civilian protect themselves ?

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