Breaking News: The Juba regime ended the accommodation for SPLM-IO today, Taban and his team are informed



February 1, 2016, today, the government of South Sudan have informed the SPLM-IO advance team in Juba that their accommodation has come to an end. The information minister Makuei Lueth informs the IO members and asked them to seek their way out from Juba immediately .

The so called TROIKA and IGAD and even SPLM-IO have not yet to response to the latest threat by the Juba.

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17 comments on “Breaking News: The Juba regime ended the accommodation for SPLM-IO today, Taban and his team are informed”

  1. I don’t understand what the gov’t of south sudan mean by that.
    It seem to be they don’t want peace back in our beloved country.

    Mr greedy,can u release those money u pack on ur demn sacks and pay the IO team.

  2. We are waiting for peace to come South Sudan once again, we are tired of war, the victims of war crime are in luxury hotel/house but where the poors’being greedy can creating hunger,violence and war,the results is death! Humble for peace please accommodated SPLA-IO

  3. It is good, they have been told to get the hell out of Juba, how comes they sleep in the most expensive hotels in the country, with $200 per each, while other innocent citizens are suffering and their Boss Riek is reluctant to the immediate formation of transition Gov’t. they should now face it, either way, they surrender or they go back to bush to encounter mosquitoes again.

  4. It is very bad statement Mr.Makuei IO should not leave Juba immediately TROIKA and IGAD will handle their stay in Juba.Please shortup your mouth and prepare to leave the Office peacefully.This peace is unshakable whether you and JCE like or not Dr.Riek is coming to Juba soon.

  5. This is how Salva kiir regime does their things always, tomorrow they will says they’re not responsible for security of the SPLMIO members of advance team wherever they are living in Juba town, they msg is very clear they don’t want implement peace.

  6. They should get the hell out of those hotels and go to Pagak or to Adis or Nairobi since they are not ready for peace.It is better for the Juba government to give that money to the IDPs then to these power-hungry guys.

      1. SPLM_10 are not confused people of South Sudan but they do what citizen needs , Equality and Justis for all .

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