The UN take over of South Sudan begun, UK military assessment team arrives in S Sudan this week


February 1, 2016, the UK’s Ministry of Defense says it has deployed a military team to South Sudan to look at what role its government could play in the UN peacekeeping mission.

It says around 12 of its Armed Forces personnel travelled to the country last week in order to make the assessment.

The deployment follows Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcement in September that the UK would double its contribution to active peacekeeping in 2016, with plans to deploy troops to South Sudan as well as Somalia.

UK says once the assessment is complete, further troops may be sent to South Sudan to carry out specific tasks.

These include engineering work to strengthen infrastructure and further advisory support.

In a report on the government website, UK says it will work with the UN to finalize these plans and precise numbers are yet to be agreed on.

“This is another demonstration of the flexibility and global reach of our Armed Forces,” Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said.

“It’ll support UN efforts to end some of the world’s most destabilizing conflicts, helping to tackle a key driver of migration.”

But it says up to 300 troops could participate in South Sudan over the course of multiple deployments.

The UN mission in South Sudan has been mandated by the Security Council to keep peace and monitor the human rights situation.

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7 comments on “The UN take over of South Sudan begun, UK military assessment team arrives in S Sudan this week”

  1. UK should have been the leading player in South Sudan conflict as a country with data of colonial time. These included boundary, territory demarcations and ethics backgrounds where positive interventions are mandatory based on humanitarian and international laws.

  2. UK is too late to act, they are coming to bury the death instate of saving them before they could die.
    but it is better late than never
    shame on UK

  3. The sick ass helpless Okello can’t acknowledge whom his life depends on. Be noted that help isn’t compulsory and there is nothing you can complain about it. South Sudan will remain a battle field until it gets patriotic leaders.

  4. coming of uk army will help s sudan government tract the wrong element in the country in Juba was full of criminals from difference source of the countries , because will be here with high technology

  5. africans are fond of complains and no action you should mobilise your people to,go on demonstration that you dont need them in you country and that they should leave you can take care of your affairs ,rather than sitting behind computer and complaining,i hate this about black african people.if it were abrabs or white or chinese they will go on demonstrations rather than sitting here complaining .

  6. We know they’re coming to S SUDAN so they can arms opposition and help them to overthrow the current ruling party, because they don’t like Salva Kirr since day one they only wants Reik to be a president that’s what they want.
    Why they didn’t go to Syria and do that to ASSAD! IT’S because they knew ASSAD was back by Russian. So they can’t really do anything about it. Syrian’s war is 5years, and S sudan’s war is 2years. They should of done the same to Syrian people before South Sudan..

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