Breaking News: six (6) people have been killed in Padoi Akoba By Murle

Photo on 13-08-15 at 2.14 pm #2My heartfelt condolences to the families of those who have met their untimely death at the recent Padoi(Akobo) attack carried out by murle assailants.
The culprits ensuing these barbaric attacks are affiliated militias of the infamous salva kiir and his rotten and decayed government. He fully armed these affiliated militias and mercenaries to further his cleansing on Nuer ethnicity; this is the same way he has armed Ethiopian anyuak with modern weaponry to ensue the nuer ethnic cleansing in Ethiopia .

This project of arming anyauks for that purpose is executed by the serial killer and traitor riek gai kok at Pochalla.
It is in deeds sad and painful to loose such great personalities in the hands of good-for-nothing thugs of kiir and his rotten-from-core regime that dooms to failure sooner.
May God Almighty Rest Their Souls in eternal peace and my prayers are with the members of their living families.