Breaking News: JCE Leader Ring Thiik, said, Riek machar will not come to Juba, else all Dinka men are finished, the Dinka’s JCE is in crisis over 28 dispute


Feb. 3 2016 Daniel Dhieu Matuet and Maker Thiong Maal who attended the meeting of JCE on February 2, 2016 revealed that Information Minister Makuei Lueth was called upon to leave the JCE by one of the elder for announcing the dissolving of Dinka’s land grabbing of 28 States.

Bona Malual was quote saying “I will leave South Sudan if the 28 States are revoked and I will go back to Khartoum and fight for UNITED Sudan”

Ring Thiik, the leader of Dinka of Elder is reportedly saying he will fight to the last man of Dinka if Riek Machar come to Juba

However, Joshua Dau Diu is joining the Ring Thiik and said he will be willing to died to make sure Salva Kirr did not revoke 28 States

Aldo Ajou Deng  and Maker Thiong Maal decided to be neutral on the talk and advice other JCE to think about the environment and how things are turning especially the issue that Dr. Riek was able to go to Uganda.

Lewis Anei Kuendit did not show up at the meeting



  1. I would contemptuously laugh first before I lead the war if the coward Dinka JCE are going to form a fallacious rebellion against the South Sudan by their own.
    The IGAD should let them go to do it. What I know from them is that they will be leaving South Sudan they economically robbed to permanently reside I exiles.

  2. if dinka fight by themselves let them fight against each other so that there will be a way for other southsudanese to live peacefully n thanks

  3. Big liar for JCE to go and fight,they wiere running to Uganda when war started and now they are talking nonsenses.Dr.Riek will be in Juba soon whether you like or not.

  4. Sometimes people need to listen to their own wording of whatever they allege to be news! Again, it is simple and known across south Sudan that Dinka ethnic group is the backbone of the country. The will not be a single day a Dinka as a community can rebel and then still call south sudan as a country. Equatorian fought their liberation in 70s and they became so arrogant that the then Juba autonomy government collapsed just because of tribalism embedded in Kokorism. At least Equatorians were organized and worked hard to sign 1972 Addis Ababa accord though their own greed let the government to collapsed; however, Nuer ethnic group is the most unfortunate, visionless and unreasonable ethnic composition I have never witness in human history. There is nothing positive they have ever done in their own life. Everything is robbery, looting and useless fight that doesn’t deserve human losses. Through out the liberation of south sudan, they have been pulling people behind. They spent most of liberation years in Khartoum suburbs but now seem to talk too much of unknown participation in liberation wars. If they didn’t succeed when the army was 80% nuer militia, then forget all these talks and be ready that u have once again stalked the cord of fear and hatred. U will reap all that u sow for the couple of decades. Mark my words!!

  5. Whoever own this website need ti go back to school to improve his ir her English.

    All tenses are badly abused by this website.

    The issu of 28 states will never be revoked till Jesus come back n to whoever is sick or is almost dying let him or her die or remain in exile.

  6. Is South Sudan a Dinka land? was Dinka the liberal of South Sudan? I don”t understand why the illiterate Jieng Council of Elders are even promising to lose their lives if 28 States are revoked.were they not living before the states created?

    • Land for the people of South Sudan not Dinka but Dinka deserve everything in the South Sudan because we most in the civil war.

  7. Leave dinka talking such idiot thing by saying Machar will not set foot to Juba. Had it not been through the help foreign mercanies, the president of s.sudan would be taken by a with strong people. The death is on the tip of their(dinka)tongues.

  8. WTF are they. South Sudan is a country for all and no one tribe or individual has the rights to say who should enter or never enter. If the president of the Republic signed a deal with Riak who are you JCE to derail the peace the people are longing for.

  9. Why the JCE so raged on the issue of 28 states.What is good with the 28 states,why dont we look at the interest of our people and put our own interest site. South.South Sudan is for the whole tribe but not for JCE. They.They are community leaders but not leading the nation.This is not a monescy government

  10. I think Nuer are so pathetic and imbecile.i really all the time fail to answers my self a question that does really Nuer have sense? So awkward to be a country mate to these low quo marons, this article is not anything a sound minded educated panda like Nuer can feed a public with. U South Sudanese are wrong to read such kind of message. They thought they are trying to please themselves, but instead they worsening their situation in South Sudan. The issue of 28 state is not easy as eating nuob jiang. U monkeys don’t know how hard the revoke is, even Kiir mayardit himself will attempt da I tell, it cost him a heavy belowed. And you will experience worst war in South Sudan. It irreversible, you better talk over other issues.

    • Mere opinions, Keep your wishful thinking to yourself nincompoop, Ur husband UPDF will not be in Junub forever.cin ping mony.even marial nyang u won’t taste it.coward gluttons.The Bull Nuer who commanded all fronts in 2013 war will not be with u forevermore if u are speaking of an all out war, we fight practically not by Mouth like u majority jieng are good at.infact, 2013 issue is far from over, just in case u think u won the war.

  11. Dinka your not south sudanese. Your original place is Khartoum that is why the dinkas were busy building enames but did not know how to build friends you ripe what you showed. 1955 was build by Equatorians to fight the Arabs Dinka spoil it. In 1983 the nuer people builded Anya Nya tow the Dinka spoil it tell me what the Dinka build the only thing the Dinka know is distructing you have not come up with anything even a single thing in South sudan. Tell me what have you came up with. JOHN Grange was help by equatorian to get the education so what Dinka done equatorian only killing is there anything good come from you people?

    • I hate it when I read this articles that preach hatred, violence… this is one scientific prove that South Sudanese youths are nothing better than a wild monkey, very low IQ, with no vision, tribal line of thinking… you guys are disgrace to the whole world, we discuss what can only bring us down and not should take us forward. you all cowards of the highest degree, with the lowest IQ in comparison with other human races. you all lowly minded children, many of your parents lived well in the past with no such hatred towards each other…. this is so pathetic, A generation that will never be wished for! a generation that only sit behind Internet’s and preach violence instead of thinking of their mission on this planet… find time to redefine yourself before it is too late!

  12. The JCE thinks today’s Dinkas are like of the last decades. But apparently Dinkas are also people with full of 21st century dreams and aspirations like any other people who wants to co-exist in peaceful environment that guided by rule of law. .
    They (JCE) have enjoyed there lives, exercised their political right during Nimeri’s time, and in the Regional Government of “HEC” and Bashir’s (before RoSS) by then without no one had asked them to die or go to war, because they were enjoying “My Car”.
    Dinka men can be good statesmen, Doctors, Lawyers, Law Enforcement Agents, Engineers..etc..etc. Than going to fight for JCE ambitions like that other few, who are trying to deny the Rural Geography that we all taught about the tribes of Sudan, their human activities, cultures, boundaries now.
    If not that, on what basis are we claiming border demarcation with Sudan? How did we know that Abeyie is part of our land? Is it just because they’re from Dinka?
    Let us see how it looks and sounds? Dinkas rebelled because of 28 new stated not 50 states are not adopted. You the young generation of SS should not allow these old folks who stuck into the stone age practices to destroy your aspirations.
    South Sudan was brought into the existent through referendum ballots.So we all know that, the JCE are highly educated and civilized politicians, yet they can’t bring it on for referendum!
    May God bless you all including JCE, and May God bless South Sudan!

  13. Dear,Brothers
    since we are heading to peace ,spreeding romuos will not stable the stuation for it.
    I personally affected by this war,with other ,the word JCE become a problem to most Nuer brothers forgeten that IO is Nuer organ that doing thesame by addressing nuer intrest.
    My Question is why Nuer refused to role themselves?
    the mostly answers are,it’s against peace,Dinka grabs ours land.
    but the world knows the factor behind that.

  14. When the dog barking at camel,camel dosen,t stop as it pay no attention. Let the dinka makes noise and we see what will be out comes in the near future ,just ignore them ,they foolish majority well known of talking louder when it comes to fight through words of mouth and begging . magnitude of in- coming Machar’s force will scared them and they will forget everything. Therefore we will soon get tied of being call wetmaleen,every now and then.

  15. do u thing dinka ll forgot their struggle in all those year guy
    we ve no problem with any nuer citizen but
    your problem is with DR he never struggle
    so what is going is to kill DR than peace ll come to south sudan

  16. Mmmm imagine fathers talking like. What future so they want for their generationa? JCE are joking walai, anyway let them try n fight without the help of Ug. This people love food n V8s I don’t think they gonna and abandon those stuff ybs
    that are been grab..Dr.riak will come home and will be president in 2years time..whether The so-called haters like or not..Got is the deciding for every person the right for everything..

  17. I’ll strongly disagree with you brother Wut Naath. I quote you “I don’t see any different between dinka and the dog , so long all begain with the same “D””. With the same equation, either every Naath is good (which is not true)?
    When we (Southerners) have decided to secede from the old Sudan, it wasn’t because we have a racial or geographical issue with northern Sudan as people. But it was because of the views of their political leaders to us through out the time, which caused us to secede.
    Our late leader Dr John Garang De Mabior used to say in Arabic “Elmustaamir ma indu loun” literary means ” to become a colonial ruler, doesn’t requires you to be a White-man or an Arab person”. Because it’s a sick ideology, and evil spirit that can posses anyone who allows him/herself for be enslaved by such ideas/thoughts. It can be JCE, or any other person or group.
    Now apply the same equation to current South Sudan. The JCE have the same views of superiority and manipulations of others in the name of innocent Dinkas who are struggling day and night to meet end living.
    In a personal remark; I wonder as a person if you have never had a Dinka friend in your life that you can attest to his honesty and integrity? If you did, I bet you to stick with him as a friend who can watch your back. And if you did had him as friend in the past, and you have cut your friendship because of the current political situations in our country which caused by those old folks, then you’ll need to rethink about it? And same applies to the Dinkas and other Junubin as equal.
    These folks will go away tomorrow when their time comes, either leaving South Sudan to the exile with our resources that they looted, or leaving the world to the eternity with nothing. Think about how you and I are going to live together?
    History has shown us Elites and their families are the first ones to pack their stuffs, and to quickly disappears from the scene as soon as things gets tougher. Meanwhile, other poor innocent Junubin like you and I suffers. Check the history!
    With God’s blessings!

    • I am celebrating 28 states I don’t care of what IGAD said or rebels

      On Wednesday, 3 February 2016, Africans Press wrote:

      > Aku Junubi commented: “I’ll strongly disagree with you brother Wut Naath. > I quote you “I don’t see any different between dinka and the dog , so long > all begain with the same “D””. With the same equation, either every Naath > is good (which is not true)? When we (Southerner” >

  18. you are enough mad guys, why didn’t you think back did you ever see the rebel which is given a red carpet from another country? wow!!! you are really mad enough guys,

  19. the money consumer are always use to say if some thing is not done good about me i can rebbeled but what is now facing us in bush is what can be tolerated by dinka even thougth dinka rebbeled the world could not even know that there are rebels in S.sudan because they cannot even capture #one -county instead of one state like we did we do capture many states through fighting and we cannot deploy foriegn force to help us fight dinka nor, 28 state must be revoked. remember the second violance what badly or goodly will it be . believe it and don’t believe it …

    • It’s not a waste of time “atuolou durarou”. It’s a blessing to have a brother or sister who has a freedom to see and say things in different way than many who are locked up in the country by our government.
      JCE and the government are our NIF and Ingaz government of Bashir, they don’t care whether you’re a Dinka, Nuer, or any other Junubi, all what they care is someone, or group of die hard opportunists that praises them while they are destroying the social fabric of our nation. In other words, “Yesmen”. But soon and very soon, you’ll most of these old folks seeking refuge in other counties. Watch and see! With God’s blessings!

      • I never heard that God blessed criminals, looters and killers, that blessing will in dictionary of deaf and blind people, their haters cover their eyes of blindness to see clearly, and their got error can’t figure out the trues. God of Riek Machar will bless you, Not God who create whole world. God who create all not a killer like you Nuer of Riek Machar.

      • Riek Machar he deserves to hang according to the constitution of South Sudan.
        This time South Sudan government has no compromise with criminal minds like Riek Machar and his dictatorship Taban Deng.

      • 550 officers of the opposition are going to be deported to Juba by Tuesday. The Ethiopia government and South Sudan government agree to bring these criminals to Juba.

        On Saturday, 6 February 2016, Africans Press wrote:

        > Gatwwech commented: “Riek Machar he deserves to hang according to the > constitution of South Sudan. This time South Sudan government has no > compromise with criminal minds like Riek Machar and his dictatorship Taban > Deng.” >

  20. We most often benefit less from the history of the world, leave alone our own history. It’s the right of the citizens to fight their government through voicing their concerns through proper channels and means in democratic countries, the government can plug their ears and do whatever they wanted to do, and of course they must receive people’s wrath during the election time (general speaking).
    In the countries the ruled by dictatorships (presidential decrees), thing are handles differently!!
    Nimeri was our president who redivided the South by Presidential decree in 1983. And now Pres Mayardit our president who redivided Republic of South Sudan the same way in 2015.
    If SPLA/M went into the bush to fight against that, why don’t we expect other junubin to rebel against this unpopular decision that made by one of the SPLA/M leader who fought aginst injustice?
    It’s all about whether or not, your government is doing what it should do?
    Let me know your matured opinion in discussing the substance of the issue, not insulting tribes. With God’s blessings!


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