JUBA is not Dinka city: SPLM-IO forces are coming

February 02, 2016 (JUBA) – South Sudan government and the opposition led by ex-vice president, Riek Machar have agreed to speed up formation of transitional government by ensuring rebel forces are in Juba soon, a senior government official said.
Addressing reporters in the South Sudan capital, Juba at the end of Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC), information minister Michael Makuei Lueth said the country’s warring parties adopted the communiqué from the Intergovermental Authority on Development (IGAD).

“The meeting went on very well and in the meeting we discussed the communiqué which was issued by IGAD and we adopted the communiqué as it is, as the best option and the way forward and as a roadmap for the implementation of the agreement and the establishment of the Transitional Government of National Unity,” he explained.

The regional bloc, which mediated the peace agreement, asked the parties to form an interim government this week and resolve the stalemate over the 28 new states, seen as an obstacle to the unity government’s formation.

Makuei said that the Juba government and the armed opposition would also agree on the security arrangements within the national capital, Juba.

“So we have agreed that within this coming short period we need to work hard and ensure that the security elements from the IO are brought in. That the police of 1,500 for Juba town and the police for the greater Upper Nile of 1,200 are also brought in and the other security forces of 1,410 all should be brought in as soon as possible so that the first vice president comes in and the transitional government of national unity is established,” he said.

Last week, the United Nations secretary-general, Ban ki Moon expressed concerns over the two warring parties’ deadlock over the establishment of the 28 states, and their failure to meet the 22 January deadline to establish the TGoNU in South Sudan.

He said the TGoNU’s formation was an essential step in implementing the peace accord and laying the foundation for peace and stability in the world’s youngest nation.

Ki moon urged South Sudan government and its armed opposition faction to place the interests of the people first and make the necessary compromises.

“I call on all parties urgently to resolve the disputes that are preventing establishment of the government, he said, adding “The parties must place the interests of their young nation and its people, who have suffered long enough, above their own”.




  1. if spla io comes, what comes with them ?the time they went juba to bush country did not stop of doing its vision still country is developing. you come again and destroy things.

  2. Mr Wilson Wek what we re focusing for is only peace leave alone the nonsense u re posting these meaningless thought and dreams can cause heavy stress on u my dear, the absent of Dr Riek from this young nation,resulted into severe crisis so what to do is that 28 State must be revoke then after the two wearing parties can seat down ask the citizen about the creation of 28. Not like the one u people forged by ur owned thought and claiming that cititzen were consulted already which was a big offense to said that the issue of this nation, should not take it to the level of individualism the country is not for Dinka’s neither Nuer but is for the 64 plus tribes existing in the region.

  3. when did south sudanese politician pick out aright & look foreward for unity,peace,development.please dr riak & salva stop playing gambling on human being,ground is full of bloodshed did you think those who die daily are animal & you observ your selv as human being,we gain our independent & damage our own country because of leadership,i say machar wllcme back in juba.

  4. Please, people take your argument in other ways not even touching 28 states, do not think that 28 states was decided by the president nor any others cabinets in the govt. this decision was from the people be aware that we are try of Riak is decision since from 1991, when he was against the movement, nothing from Riak will be good because he has people who are impatient, Riak is born unlucky, he has no good tribe. Nuer tribe are like a dog who has not been trained by an adopted father.

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