The Uror Community in Khartoum condemned the recent attacks carried by murle Malitias in Pamai Payam, Uror County-Bieh State.




[This is the picture of Bol Banang and Lul Riek who are wounded in murle attacks]

By cde. Nhial bol khor  on  February 3rd  2016 to africanpresss,———-the  uror community in Khartoum,  they have   seriously  condemned the recently attacks  carried by murle militias, who are back by president salva kiir, who behind murle for them to disturbs  the people of lou  so that the people of  lou, may have diverging and engage by the two tensions  murle here and dinka  government on another sides.

The murle attacks, a villages call paratet and pamai payam on date 27,January 2016 the murle killed at least, one person  named maker lam char witha hailed from maikiir family, from pamai  and took a  numbers of cattle in the both village last week therefore, the numbers of lou nuer youth are pursuing and following the footstep  of  murle who have raided huge numbers of cattle around the area.

And,  also , on 29,January 2016 the murle again attacks the same village pamai payam , after there, the fighting took place around after noon, till evening hours and then, the battles resulted  of wounded  at least  two people, namely. Once Bol Banang  and Lul Riek.  Then, today news from home in Uror County saying that, another attack in pieri payam but the details are not yet knows.

Now its clears that, the murle tribe renewed war to Lou nuer, where by the Lou nuer people are ready to protect their home land and the entire Lou nuer people from external and internal aggressions.

Such a plans of murle comes after, when the leader of CUBRA FACTION David yau yau joined the government, in the year 2014. But as a two communities, we are in  a peacefully for more than two years, but now the murle plus government  wants to drags the two communities to war again. This is very unfortunate!


Author, by journalist Nhial Bol Khor

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