Breaking News: Sandra Bona Malual and 20 others are under investigation by SPLM-IO

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Sandra Bona Malual

Feb. 4, 2016, Sandra Bona Malual is under investigation by SPLM-IO along with 20 others.  An internal investigation memo seen by Africans Press indicated that Sandra Bona Malual, a daughter to Bona Malual who is one of JCE leader spot in Addis Ababa reporting the movement of SPLM-IO officials to her Father, Bona Malual.

A source who ask not to be name revealed that the investigation was given a go three months ago when a suspicious contact, contacted Sandra while she was with SPLM-IO officials in Addis Ababa at the time of phone conversation with someone in Juba.

Then, Sandra Bona Malual was also spotted while she was trying to approach one of the SPLM-IO general about “what to do next if the peace process failed and do we have a source of plan B” he said.

He also further alleged that three are another 20 individuals who they have identified as an agent to Juba government, some of who are already in Juba with the SPLM-IO’s advance team.

These individuals are being monitor 27/7 by SPLM-IO security organs in Nairobi and Juba including the head office in Pagak and Addis Ababa.




    To whom it may concern,

    It has been brought to my attention that there are fabricated stories circulating around the web concerning my political status with the SPLM-IO. As this is information that is laid as a sort of personal attack against me I suspect it is from some of my own comrades in the SPLM-IO, which is why under a sense of urgency I felt the need to address these baseless rumours and propaganda. It is evident that the authors of this text, have made an attempt at assassinating my political character. It is for this purpose that as a senior member of the SPLM IO Political Bureau I will not take such attacks lying down as my name needs to remain as clear as my conscience is with regards to my loyalty to reforms and change in South Sudan.
    It must also be known to the public that neither am I a security threat nor am I under investigations for the same. Furthermore, the level of professionality in the publishing of such unproven reports under the guise of sources blanketed in anonymity makes the truthfulness of this text questionable. Despite our biological ties, Bona Malwal and myself have divergent political views, as an independent politician I have the capability of establishing my own political grounds, in this case I am rooted in SPLM IO. As a result I would have no reason to play both sides of the fence, as I do separate my family life from my professional life as the two have no business being intertwined.
    Finally, I challenge the people behind this story to come openly along with prove to back their claims. Otherwise it would be detrimental to the face of African journalism that such an article which is wanting of proper editing and structured like a hoax or parody story, be put out there to demolish ones political image. Let’s be more accurate in our future publishings, backed with credible sources and information. Rather than tearing each other down publicly, what is a burning issue is to work together to the betterment of South Sudan and making sure that we have achieved the reforms and change that all South Sudanese eagerly await. I remain committed to the objectives of the SPLM IO until I see the South Sudan we all dream of.

    Sandra Bona Malwal
    Chair Person National Committee for Women Empowerment, Child, Social Welfare and Development – SPLM IO

  2. And why some of us . Never hear about you , as a part of SPLM (IO),,, so any how , is not yet clear to so easy of us ,that you really a member not even a senior member in the Movement of democracy and human rights of people of south sudan , splm/a in opposition u derby the leadership of Dr Riek Machar ,,,, so we need more evidents dear Sandra Bonar Malual, , not yet dear to believe you ,it’s hard to happen to some of us ….. We might be considered later … bit not now for some of us ….

  3. The so-called SPLM-IO is from its inception has an organization of thugs who conspire against each member. Then the only way is for you(Sandra) to carry your own cross. You have been shuttling between briefcase political parties.

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