Breaking News: Armed Anyuak Youth attacked Nuer civilians in Fugnido Refugee Camp, killed 10 and wounded 30 people.

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AP-Feb 5, an armed Anyuak Youth who were believed to get military supplies from South Sudan government have attacked Nuer civilians in Fugnido Refugees Camp today. The attackers butchered 10 from helpless Nuer who inhabit the camps located South of Gambella town at distant of 3 hours drive.

A according to Diw Gach Koat contacted by Africans Press from Fugnido reported that an attacks was conducted yesterday by a group of armed Anyuak tribal men in Fugnido Refugee camps that claimed the live of 10 refugees civilians under the hands of attackers and left 30 refugee mostly women and children wounded.

Today, at evening hours, three trucks have been loaded with a 1000 of Anuak Youth, which were recruited from Gog and Jor towns to be transported to Pochalla in order to receive new weapons supplies South Sudan government, a two Anyuak men who happened to have married a Nuer girls had revealed to me, Mr. Gach said.

A peace loving security agent whose name is with held for security concern contacted Mr Gach and had revealed the plan against helpless South Sudanese refugees in Fugnido to face serious attack from armed Anyuak militias sponsored by South Sudan government.

Mr Diw Gach Koat want this urgent information to be convey to H.E Gatluak Tut Koat, the Gambella Regional State President in order to make a necessary preparation in order to prevent such a plan against refugee before its too late.








  1. That’s totally a lie
    It’s was a Nuer who went on killing An Anuak woman, 7 year old child and a man
    Who’s are that people that des place from Akobo in to pinyhudo refugees camp near Nuer camp

    Stop changing Anuak victims to Nuer
    Just tell the truth for once

  2. Wow, oh my goodness, this is a huge lie. Can you at least preach peace even though Anyuaks are the one who are being killed by the Sudanese Nuer refugees in their own country. Your mission says that you are going to deliver unbiased report, well shame on you. You the writer are such a big lier. Anyuaks within a 1000 number, you made such a big fiction my brother. At least preach peace, so then Anyuaks don’t revenge.


  3. a two Anyuak men who happened to have married a Nuer girls had revealed to me, Mr. Gach said. To lie is Nuer nature. How can Anywaa marry Nuer Lady? There is no Anywaa man who have got marriage with Nuer in Gambella. Wrong information.

  4. Well, it was a peace conference that went wrong. On last Thursday, both Anyuak and Nuer refugees were called for a peace meeting in a refugee camp in Piny-Udo. However, for whatever reason, still under investigation, Nuer youth took it wrong and attached the attendees killing an Anyuak women with a child and one old man. That triggered a retaliation reaction from Anyuak youth and nobody knows yet what they will do. Ethiopian government is trying to intervene to keep things under control. So Africans Press, you need to check information before posting. It will damage your reputation.

  5. I don’t even understand how anyuaks view things. What do them refugees gotta do with Gambella ‏conflict? You people will see what the real war is. My uncle told me last time that, this is a conspiracy by MAD people aka Murle Anyuak ‏Dinka. By the time we Lou Nuer say enough is enough; then there won’t be no anyuak assholes who’ll inhabit ‏pochalla.

  6. Nuers who are out side Gambella, Ethiopia are putting their poolish ideas on the media fabricating the Nuer-Anyuak ethinic conflict. Please even if you support your dogs by lie you will bring nothing to Anyuak people and your dogs remain dogs forever.

  7. Mr. Gat Riek, if you are in side South sudan, keep quit. The Ethiopia govrnment is not the same as your weak one which you spoiled with your big dog Dr Riek Machar. The Ethiopian gov have seen your nuers bad activties and now put bulets on your people assholes and finish you soon. If you are following your big dog Dr Riek who follow the traditional belief of your poolish Ngundeeng, you will have no place on hearth b/c the all world have already classified Dr Riek as the poolish vice president in the world.

  8. peter Lew

    you and the person who wrot this article are the one of thos people are creating the problem in the area

    did you call pinyhudo

    its only stupit people like you that destroy the lifes

  9. Africa press need to behave and go according to the media ethics. every organization has rules and regulation to follow. and it has to operate under it mission statement. it is better to bring peace ideas on the table rather than bring a rotten news to the people. In media ethics information on one side are unacceptable and will have legal follow-up. I am very much blaming you AFRICA PRESS because you don’t know the meaning of your press agency. AFRICA is to be united and stand strong rather separating them. Nuer and Anyuaks have a share in Africa unity and strength, so please try to go as your name can tell.

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