Update: Sandra Bona Malual is denying the SPLM-IO report that she is spying for her father and JCE

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On Feb. 4th, 2016, Africans Press received a leak report from SPLM-IO that Sandra Bona Malual the daughter of Co-chair of JCE is spying for her father and Jieng Council of Elder, Source also disclosed that they are investigation 20 other along with Sandra based on their suspicious communication with Juba.

In September 30, 2011, Sandra almost brought down SPLM-DC  after she was discovered that she was stolen $50,000 dollars from SPLM-DC. in the statement on her defection while a general Secretary of SPLM-DC she said, “As Southern Nationals and patriots, we have finally decided to delink ourselves and our supporters from the SPLM-DC,” and “We call upon our supporters in the party to abandon the SPLM-DC and to join the SPLM-Juba” she said

However, media are reporting that Sandra is denying the allegation and that”It must also be known to the public that neither am I a security threat nor am I under investigations”

The Africans Press contacted the SPLM-IO who broke the News on February 4, 2016 for their respond to Sandra Bona Malual’s reaction. The respond from SPLM-IO in Nairobi was that this is a “internal investigation and that we will continue for our investigation and release the rest of the names soon”

In her statement, Sandra however, seems to only attack the people who share the news and the Africans Press which reported the News. She also try to assure the SPLM-IO as if “I have the capability of establishing my own political grounds” to join her father or to stick with SPLM-IO

However, the Africans Press dig Sandra Bona Malual’s political career deeper and find out that Sandra was behind SPLM-DC’s mass defection in 2011 when she lead a mass defection while a Secretary General for SPLM-DC. A according to gurtong website, it reported that, the “break-away was led by senior executive members of the party; Secretary General, Secretary for Administration and Finance and Secretary for Populace and Syndicated Organization who are all members of the party’s National Executive Committee.”

Sandra accused her then chairman Dr Lam Akol and said, ““We believe in peaceful and objective politics, not self centred politics above that of our great people and nation…It was also a serious concern that the Chairperson was running the party autonomously and manifests unlimited dictatorial tendencies in all aspects of the party management.”

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