Update: Sandra stolen $5,000 U.S dollars that led to her fire at SPLM-DC

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September, 30, 2011, Africans corrected what we reported earlier about the money stolen by Sandra Bona Malual. The statement accused the SPLM-DC’s former Secretary General and the former the secretary for administration and finance of withdrawing 13,800 South Sudanese pounds ($5,160) from the party’s account prior to announcing their defection.

The SPLM-DC also refuted remarks that the party lacked transparency or collaborated with armed militia and challenged its former members to produce evidence in court of their claims.

“Right from the formation of the party, the SPLM has been accusing [SPLM-DC] of sponsoring militia, an allegation we have consistently rejected. And when our party was banned to operate in south Sudan in 2009, we took the matter to the constitutional court and no evidence to the claim was produced for the court. That was why we won the case. These allegations continued with all kinds of freaks and charlatans being played on the television but nothing concrete were produced to prove the case”, reads the statement.

The statement further challenged the former members to substantiate their allegations as they were holding high positions within the party prior to their defection.

“To have credibility in the eyes of the people of south Sudanese, the defectors must produce insiders’ evidence to their allegations of sponsoring militias, since they held high offices in SPLM-DC and were running the day to day affairs of the party”, the statement adds.

Yien Thiang Luong, the SPLM-DC’s former secretary for populace and syndicate organization who defected from the party, told Sudan Tribune that party chairman Lam Akol lacked transparency.

“We call upon our supporters in the party to abandon the SPLM-DC and to join the struggle of the people of the Republic of South Sudan against disease, poverty and underdevelopment, and usher a sustained economic prosperity, peace and unity of our beloved people.”

The defection of the three senior members with 523 other member is believed to second biggest defection the party has ever experienced since it established on 6 June 2009.


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