Breaking News: SPLM-IO Security who oversee the investigation released two more name, Joseph Clement Wani Konga and Agel Ring Machar as suspects in the investigation


Joseph and Dr. Riek after announcement of his defection

Feb. 6, The investigation of SPLM-IO in Nairobi, who did not wants to be names send two more names to Africans Press, he identifies Joseph Clement Wani Konga and Agel Machar among 21 people which are under surveillance of SPLM-IO around the clocks.

He said that “Agel Ring Machar and Joseph Wani Konga were send almost two weeks apart by the government to secured the SPLM-IO’s activities during the second Pagak conference in April 2015”

Two days ago, Africans Press report that Sandra Bona Malual, the daughter of Dinka’s Jieng Council of Elder is also under investigation. Sandra was also send by Jieng Council of Elder to monitor Dr. Riek’s communication wis international goverments and to interact with generals to “know where their source of help is come from, and what is plan B should peace failed”

Joseph Clement Wani is a son of former Juba governor who defected to SPLM-IO in April 15, 215 in what was known as a big blow up to the government. However, A source who is familiar with the investigation alleged that Joseph Wani was sent an agent by Juba to collects information during SPLM-IO second conference in Pagak in 2015.

Joseph was spotted in Kampala while meeting with “Equatorians” in which he was trying to deceived SPLM-IO as if he is meeting with people who wanted to defect until his move was discovered.

The same source also alleged that Agel Machar was send directly by general Chief of Staff, Paul Malong Awan. Agel was first spotted in Addis Ababa while communicating “unusual” voice with suspicious telephone conversations.


Then, in October 2015, the SPLM-IO security organs open a “mini monitoring” of Agel Ring Machar’s movement and his telephone conversations. Then, they concluded that he is a threat to the movement in Nonmember. However, Dr. Riek Machar, the leader of SPLM-IO disputed and order a “no more investigation”




  1. there always enemies within,as long as nothing new because what we spla-IO we want to changed in Juba that all.nothing will help them with their information.

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