Jieng Council of Elders vs. Jieng Youths: Two Ideologies on Collision.


By Bol Ring

Feb-7th, Ngor Arol Garang was the first journalist to be beaten by Kirr/JCE regime when he criticized them. On our first encounter he confessed,

“Journalism is challenging career here in South Sudan. It is because individuals want to replace rule of law with the rule of guns. This act had tarnished the image of the country since it involve complains from individuals who feel their rights are being violated without reason”Ngor(May 2012).

Seven months after that incidents took place, the regime went further to assassinated Isaiah Abraham because he was criticizing the way Kirr/JCE regime was handling Sudan border issues, specifically Abyei and Heglig invasion.

When I had a chance to talk to one of Isaiah’s family members during his memorial, he confirmed to me that,”Abraham knew that some people will be trying to kill him, but he believed it was necessary for him to speak up and now they silent him by murdering him” Abraham cousin(I couldn’t recalled his name since it via phone conversation, December, 2012)

A year later, I met another individual who picked up the worked left off by Isaiah and Ngor. His name is Jesus Deng Madingchaui. Again it’s the same story, Kirr regime was after him and looking to assassinate him because he is criticizing the government, he declared, “The so called national security brother, they accuses me of writings critic on the internet about their government” Deng (December, 2,2012)

Fortunately for him(unfortunately for others) by the middle of the December, Juba massacred happened and the country fell into violence before Kirr assassins can find him. Kirr regime had taken the killing to the next level at this point. It’s going door to door killing one ethnic group, the Nuer. Looking for one activist that criticized them had become secondary. That took a little pressure off of the activists and journalists.

Today we have other youths willing to pick up the torch of speaking what the truth, Kuir Ë Garang and few others. They’re confronting what they see as illegitimate ways of doing things, aiming specifically to JCE conducts. The burden, however, has become heavier then the other ones. It has now included, ‘you’re supporting rebels, you’re betraying your people’s interest, you’re foolish youths who don’t know politics, etc”

What the point you’re trying to make, you may ask? Well, a lot people have these misperception, all Dinka/Jieng people like what the government has been doing or his doing? The government represents Dinka/Jieng people? All Dinka people support Kirr and JCE activities.

On the contrary, guess what all these guys have in common? They’re all Dinka/Jieng young activists criticizing the very government the rest of country’s citizens are complaining to. Some of them got arrested, beaten, assassinated or forced to flee the country because of speaking the truth. Therefore, if we say Dinka people are the problem of South Sudan, that statement cannot really be accurate. Instead, we should be specific when we criticize.

The problem is Kirr himself and his small circle of military elites, Jieng Council of Elders(JCE) and very few diehard blind supporters. One may wonder, if my statement was true, then how come the regime is not easily uprooted? The answer is simple; money, legitimacy, and old tribal grudges. The regime can be as bad or not so popular has it can be, at the end of the day, it’s still a government and holding all the country’s resources.

The JCE is acting has the brain, Kirr position being use as a tool to legitimize ill intent from these elders(self appointed, I may add), and the blind supporters and money being use has the manpower. On top of that, JCE uses another tool, it’s taking advantage old tribal animosities to blind fool it supporters by providing them with a purpose to continue supporting them. The earlier the youths discover these tricks, the quickly they will easily see what is the right thing to be done.



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  1. Of course JCE are animosity to blind fool their supporters to criticizing nonsense things,those people they were leaders in regime of Japer Nimera and are not created anything on their movement what are the things which are needed to be done? the problem is Kirr himself because he has an appointed people which could not be an advisers like Joseph Lago he was a leader since in nya_nya 1and what his beneficial in the movement where we are nowadays?For sure even if we’re going to election Kirr could not even get a vote because what he has been done in 2o13 is not good for the person who has future to lead,because he can’t cannibalized his people .I can says is not Dinka people who have problem of south Sudan that statement is not accurate,is the people who are on power who are use their people as a tools and I can say let as leave those people if we need to be in peace. And thankful to all of you south Sudanese. Let me reminded you please to take a town to people doesn’t mean you can grave land to another people that ideology can cause internal problem among the community.

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