Breaking News: UNMISS in South Sudan intercepted a huge number of Murle toward Lou Nuer


Feb. 8, 2016, UNMISS, United Nation Mission in South Sudan is reporting that they intercepted a huge numbers of Murle Youths heading toward Lou Nuer.

Stay tune for more update



  1. Why Murle should fight Lou Nuer now while peace is at the gates of every one in the country?whose plans will be that ? Does Murle still have something to fight for with the Lou Nuer?those who are generating the problems this time will find it difficult to continue with acts.
    advises those who got misleads not to accept from the people whose plans to destroys the nation please.
    time for fighting is over let us open a new page and begins life again leave war and joine others to builds the torn nation

  2. There is very good teacher ready for lesson in Lou Nuer land, the very unforgettable lesson will be given.( a country is uphold by its youths) song by Lou Nuer Borchaar.

    thanks for all the share.

  3. Thank UNIMISS,,, for interception ,, Murle community had forgotten the vehement ethnic’s war for the past two years ,,,in Jonglei State , They will be sorry for ludicrous apt acts to come to Lou Nuer territory

    Next we are leading toward peace Implementation and yet instigated and rising some attack to Lou Nuer areas

  4. The murly community they are really shamed to for gotten being pass since during Lou Nuer victory.

    Thank for your repeating

  5. Let Murle go to Lou and they(Murle) will come back carrying piece of chit with their hands. They misled by their idiot president.

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