wp-1453386276139Feb 08, 2016 (Greater Mundi). SPLM/A (In-Opposition) hereby condemn in the strongest terms possible the actions of the Government of South Sudan Army in Greater Mundri area i.e. Mundri East, Mundri West and Mvolo. The latest of these violations and abuses occurred in Mundri East yesterday, 6th February, 2016.

On that day, six young men were arrested by the contingent of the SPLA/Juba contingent stationed at Lanyi, nine miles south of Lui. On the intervention of the (Commander) of the SPLA/Juba contingent based in Lui, the young men were released. However, while they were returning home, soldiers from the contingent based in Lanyi way-laid them. They opened fire on the young men. One of the young men by the name of Sam Dusman Phillip was shot dead on the spot. (The others fled and their whereabouts are still unknown by the evening yesterday). Sam Dusman’s body was taken to Lui Hospital (and has since been buried at Te’do, where the family home is located).

The killing in Lanyi by SPLA Juba soldiers happened when the commissioner of Mundri East County Hon. John Henry was in Lui, enroute to his County Headquarters in Kedi’ba.

On many occasions in the recent past SPLM/ (in-Opposition) has reported violations of the Permanent Ceasefire as well incidents of gross human rights abuses by SPLA/Juba. The Government in Juba also continues to obstruct delivery of humanitarian assistance to the people in need in the Greater Mundri area, thereby deliberately violating international humanitarian law to which the Republic of south Sudan is a signatory.

We call on CTSAMM to immediately investigate this case and hold the perpetrators to account. We further call on UNMISS to implement its mandate of civilian protection and provision of humanitarian assistance to all those in need without discrimination.

On violations of the Permanent Ceasefire, we would like to remind all concerned that since mid-2015 and especially after the signing of the Agreement for Resolution of the conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS) in August, 2015, SPLA/Juba has increase its presence in the Greater Mundri area from two (Mundri and Amadi) to 12, the new locations being Tapari, Jambo corner, ‘Buagyi, Lanyi, Lui, Kotobi, Karika, Yeri, Mvolo and Kedi’ba.
This killing and the violation of the Permanent Ceasefire has happened just a week after the government soldiers in the area reportedly used chemical weapons against SPLA -IO forces in Mundri area where 40 people went blind and children and women died as a result. The incident was reported to CTSAMM but investigations remain to be done.

The action by SPLA Juba soldiers is unacceptable and should be condemned in the strongest terms possible. We demand that the CTSAMM investigate such actions without delay. We further demand that all Government army (SPLA) in the greater Mundri area be withdrawn to their barracks. We appeal to IGAD, the AU and the international community to work together in support of full implementation of ARCISS and to ensure speedy institution of mechanisms that will bring the perpetrators of such heinous crimes to book.



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