Update: Agel Machar still in payroll at the Ministry of Defense


Feb. 8, 2016, Africans Press investigation reporter contacted the office of Chief General Staff Paul Malong Awan without noticing the identity of the reporter and confirmed to Africans Press that Agel Machar is still in a SPLA Juba’s Payroll.

Africans Press reported earlier that, Agel Machar was send by General Chief of Staff of SPLA -Juba, Paul Malong Awan. It is clear that Agel was sent during SPLM-IO conference in Pagak in April 2014 to collect the information about the SPLM-IO. It is also clear that Sandra Bona Malual the daughter of Jieng Council of Elder was send during the 3rd SPLM-IO’s consultative in Pagak in 2015

Africans Press is also still working with SPLM-IO who leaked the information about investigation against Agel Machar, Sandra Bona Malual, Joseph Wani Konga and 18 others


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