Breaking News : SPLM – (IG) Attack SPLA- (IO)Cantonment site in Maridi County.

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FEB 10, 2016 (MARIDI), the SPLA – Juba forces attacked SPLA -IO Cantonment site in Meke in Mardi Country in Western Equatoria last night and killed a children under the age of 8 and one captain.

The heartless soldiers of Juba illegitimate regime then entered the surrounding villages in and around Meke and set them on fire and looted their properties from cooking utensils to beddings.

We strongly condemned this unethical behaviors and aggression against the civilians and demand that the institution of the implementation of the signed agreement ( JMEC, UN & IGAD) investigate the incident as soon as possible.

Baya Kayidri
Official Reporter of SPLM -IO
Division in Western Equatoria State.

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