Breaking News: SPLM-IO investigation team named Lam Diet as a one of 20 people who are under investigation

lamFeb. 10, 2016. SPLM-IO investigation team previously name Sandra Bona Malual, Agel Ring Machar, Joseph Wani Konga and now Lam Diet who is a Nuer by birth however, working with Douth Guet who is from the Nuer of Fangak.

A sourece from Equatoria website says that, Salva Kiir’s agents are so desperate to the point where they have infiltrated the SPLM/SPLA and recruited everone as informant of Juba within the IO. This is the work of Mr. Akol Kor and Mr. Thomas Douth, the two directors of external and internal intellegent of Salva Kiir.   The latest reports from the MI and CIDs personell of the SPLM/SPLA in and to Pagak alleged that, Mr. Lam Diet, who is one of the SPLM/SPLA an Advance Team member is currently under surveillance and monitoring of security and Gen. Taban Deng Gai the Head of the Advance Team and Chief Negotiator of the SPLM/SPLA to South Sudan peace process under IGAD.

Lam Diet, a former Finance Secretary of Nuer Youth Union prior to war has been accused of having conspired with Juba to provide them with intelligent and others information since Octomber 2015 and now been recruited again in Juba by Akor Kor and Thomas Douth through James Khou Rue and Gatwech Gai to kill Dr. Riek Machar upon on his arrival to Juba. This is a serious allegation which is currently being taken seriously by everyone in Juba and by all the security attacked to the Advance Team in Juba.

Lam was spotted four times with James Khok and Gatwech Gai planning the mission. It been discovered he met with Akol and Thomas twice and given 400, 000.00 SSP and promised position in the Security and three pistols to carry out the task immediately on the arrival of the Chairman of the SPLM/SPLA. At this point in time he is now recruiting people from UMISS camps and we are monitoring him very closely.   Lam has unclear records. What we got is that he used to work for NUYU and stolen money of the UNION which sparked quarrel almost divided the Union, but later interrupted by War.

After the War, he joined SPLM/SPLA and went to frontline and back to Pagak where he was recruited in the late 2015 by Juba through James Khok and Gatwech Gai. All this time he was in Pagak feeding Kiir agents with what is taking place on the opposition side both militarily and politically.  Another individual under investigation and being monitored closely is a Lady called Rebecca Kiir known as RN. She has been alleged to have been recruited by Kiir’s agents and given 300, 000 SSP and was seen in the past few days leaving hotel with Juba security at night around 1pm to 2pm and coming back early in the morning. She has been recruited by Kiir group through Biel Jock Thiech, the current undersecretary of Commerce. She has been seen with Biel twice and mostly at night.  The target for her recruitment seems to be Taban and it is not clear yet how they wanted to use her against Taban. RN is one of the Diaspora drunk returnee recent from America to Pagak and now in SPLM/SPLA Secretariat.

She is known as drunk lady and easy from USA who has been sleeping with everyone in Riek’s office. Juba is now used her to get information about Pagak activities and how to deal both with Taban and Riek.   It was reported earlier that Salva Kiir had promised JCE to deal with Taban and Riek very soon before the end of the three years.   Both Lam and RN have been armed and furnished with currently imported newly security tap recorder and wire tap radio devices from Israel and China to record and taped SPLM/SPLA meetings in juba and in Pagak.   Extracted information from security reports to Pagak by Security attaché to the Advance Team and Security personell of the SPLM/SPLA in Pagak, GHQ. Insider correspondents between securit personell and individuals aware of these activities between Juba and Pagak



  1. SPLM oi, or .SPLA , stop trust . South Sudanese comes from all over the first world. American .Canada. Australia all over Europe . Check background .some of them are desperate. The run away from responsibility of childcare ability. 10% coming from prison alcohol abuse mentally depression jobless. Didn’t go to school . They’re looking for easy money even don’t have knowledge oR high school diploma

  2. I couldn’t belief that RN do that to us man. I don’t really have clue why our people love money than lives of their families. What’s really metter to u guys? Money or family first? Why many of us trying to betray our humanity right because of the money? I hate money lover who don’t care about other people’s lives. Shame on u people. I wish I could be many security personel as 100 people as the same hearts like me. Yes, Dr. Machar, Angelina., and the rest of IO staffs would be safe for the rest of their leadership man. Gosh, people have been genocide, then still never learn. Why people love food than lives?

  3. All are lie this guy is desperate (Press owner) Blackmailing the people wouldn’t change a single things! The movement is confident with the individuals you are trying to tarnish their names! Viva the SPLA IO.

  4. what goes round come round. it is very unfortunate that the nuer are still being bride to kill their people because of getting 40000 ssp that you can easily get when you are well employed. shame to those people.

  5. I think there is a political fear on the side of these very youth, and believe that this is just a white lair propagated against the said youth. I have known Mr. Lam Diet for quite a long time before the crises and during the conflict. It is just a political mean to tarnished the image of Lam Diet, I hope these are political clicks being used against organised forces.

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