UNMISS in South sudan:UNMISS refused to transport SPLM-IO to Juba

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Feb. 10, 2016, In Juba: United Nation Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) refused to transport SPLA IO armed forces to Juba unless they leave their guns behind. The spokesperson of the advance team in Juba, William Ezekiel, says over1,400 of their armed forces in Pagak are ready to come to Juba as part of the peace implementation

 However, there is no transport. Ezekila added that they have asked the UNMISS for assistance, but they are unable to carry arm forces because that is against their mission.

He says that without any further assistance their forces will not make it to Juba. The government is yet to comment whether the last week 30 million USD that was donated by the Japanese government for peace implementation would be use by both parties.

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