5 People killed 11 children are abducted: A message to Lou Nuer Sons and Daughters all over the globe


It’s with sadness and heartbreaking to informed you that yesterday evening at 6pm local time, the Murle Youth has conducted a fiercely attack in Kaikuiny area home of Cie Kuayie which killed 5 people

4 women and
1 man

On the same attack, 11 children has been abducted by the Murle Youth

As of now the fight is still on going and The local Youth in Kaikuiny are chasing the Murle Youth trying to get the children back. Please if you have any mean to check on our relative please do so….. I will update you again with more news on this matter when Lou Nuer Office talk to the Youth at front line.

Best regards,
Koang Riek Dhuordieng
Secretary of Informations/
Media Director


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