Breaking News: This is a messages to all Lou NuerBol Kong is on his way to destroy Lou Nuer


A source from Bor Town has contacted African Press VIA email, It says that Peter Bol has been given a task by Slava Kirr to take action in Lou Nuer before the formation of Transitional government of National Unity. Slava Kirr is fooling international community in Juba while is doing what he does best, that is killing civilians

The message read “argent message to Lou Nuer World-wide, Peter Bol Kong and his group arrive in Bor Town late night on Feb. 12, 2016”

Bol Kong is a one of the 28 Kirr’s governors that he appointed last years.

Bol Kong Killed over 1200 Lou Nuer in 2006 burning downed 15 villages. We are asking  all our viewers to share this information widely on your networks




  1. donot worry brave men let they come with what ever means God will put their bodies in to your hands just relex.
    let money kill bol n his gruops.