Breaking News: Defection hit members of advance of SPLM-IO to the government in Juba

agelMembers of advance team in Juba Led by Hon. Khan Tut defected from SPLM-IO advance team to SPLM-Juba accusing SPLM-IO has if it is run by personal property by Dr. Riek Machar

Khan Tut accused Dr. Riek and top political members of SPLM IO for giving the higher posts to none members. In which Khan said that, some of the people who are being given these posts are visitors to Pagak. They are not even are members of the political nor military high ranking and yet they are the one who has been given first priority.

Khan announced his defection on SSTV. A State runs agency.



  1. But the problem is that am very sure that when he join the so call SPLM juba and will never give him any post. I wish if am the one i can be able to ask Dr Machar to give the post.