30 Years Of Slave “James Wani Igga”

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By: Muslim Gore

Under the terms of the peace agreement, South Sudan will now have (two) vice presidents. The first vice president will be nominated by the armed opposition while the current vice president will serve as the second vice president; notice, the Second vice president is not technically elected by the people but an appointment by the president, similar to appointing a Minister. But in reality the president does not have the powers to fire someone who has been elected by the people. Dr. Riek Machar teny is elected by the people similar to Salva kiir mayardit.

Chapter 1, Article 7 of the peace agreement explains that James Wani will supervise all of the national commissions. He will also serve as a member of the National Security Council.

He will also perform other duties assigned by the president, for example, chairing sub-committees of the council of ministers.

Meanwhile, Chapter 1 Articles 8 and 9 of the agreement are about the decision-making processes within the executive of the government. This part of the agreement explains that the president, vice president and second vice president shall discuss peacefully with each other to make decisions.

In the event that they cannot agree, the matter may be decided by a two-thirds vote of the Council of Ministers.

Wani igga has been a slave for over 20 years, overworking himself for failure. He has forgotten where he comes from, for years and years portraying as the Tail of the rattle snake, it follows wheresoever the body shall go, if it’s fire or water it must follow. Igga has been used as the puppet of the System, puppet of,some of the Dinka who think they can Rule and Salvage everything. Igga is also guilty of those crimes committed by the SPLA/SPLM.

But Wani Igga tends to favor playing movie characters, characters of peace and humbleness…. And characters of Not being Guilty…. As if he is just a humble man serving his nation. He plays the characters of being a righteous man, a man of christ, but yet involved in a organization that is destroying his people but yet he is supported by majority of the Dinkas because he cannot open his mouth, he cannot even stand tall to the belt of a average men. He’s supported by those who are using him to destroy the nation and his own people.

Wani igga must know that, it does not matter if he was in the bush brushing John Garang hair for 20 years, he must know that he is not wanted by the Equatorian community, nor the Nuer community for participating in a act of Genocide Against the Nuer people. As a Appointed vice president, you must speak the truth to the people and not fabricate stories to the public because you are afraid for you life, your life of looting, killing and corrupting our nation along with members of the SPLA/SPLM.

Allowing your Equatorian citizen’s to be slaughtered and discriminated against, they are not allowed to participate in political activities while their brother sites in the office of the president. What kind of brother are you ? You are indeed a traitor to the people of Equatoria and the people of South Sudan as a whole. You deserve nothing but ICC. You must stand before the court of Law and answer to your crimes. You are not innocent and loyal as you may act. We the Equatorians we see right through your filthy lies and blank intimidation. You have lost all respect in Equatoria and you shall not step foot in the new Equatoria. You will follow your master where ever he shall Go. If it be he will go to the Grave and the Grave you too shall also Go.

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