Breaking News: SPLM-IO is divided over Riek Machar’s acceptance of appointment, the IO is in crisis


Feb. 14, 2016, A source in SPLM IO in Nairobi contacted Africans Press and revealed that Riek Machar have inform some of the members about dissolution of SPLM-IO. he says that “The end is coming, the Chairman Dr. Riek Machar is forcing his top leadership to go with him to Juba within seven day of Savla Kirr’s order”. However, majority of the SPLM-IO are saying no to this and threatening Riek that if he go, they will not go with him.

One of the issue on the table now is that Riek says that as soon as he reaches  Juba, the SPLM-IO will be dissolved and that the IO political leaders will be integrated to SPLM-Juba. In which majority of the leadership do not agree on.

Some of the members are complaining that Riek should never have accepted the appointment in first place. This is because Riek is already appointed by the agreement and for him to accepted appointment is  something that “caught some of the members in disbelieve” he said.

the source  continues to say that majority of SPLM-IO commanders and top politicians warned Riek and says, if he go, they will be no longer under his command.



  1. Dear media house,
    I hope this note have safely find you well.
    Following the post you made isn’t been disclosed by any IO perspective agents nor anti-peace elements.
    As a media you don’t allowed such agrievance regardless of whoever.

  2. We know now the spla10 want the position , I agree with those are refuse to go within to juba. He forget who took him to bush in first place. He can go and take his position with kiir.

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