Breaking News: The end of Dinkism is looming Troika offers to transport Dr Riek’s forces to Juba


Daya_2_4February 15, 2016, Troika says it is waiting for JMEC to produce detailed information on the number of the SPLM in position to be brought to Juba before providing logistical support.

UK’s deputy ambassador to South Sudan, Richard Croker, who spoke on behalf of Troika, said funding to facilitate the relocation personnel of the oppositions to Juba is already available.

He said although some progress has been made, they still want practical actions to be taken.

“We need to see practical actions on the ground from all sides. We have seen some already, we have [been] in touch with the IO regularly, directly and through JMEC, and JMEC and IO have been working over across the weekend to give us a definitive list of the numbers,” amb Croker told Eye Radio.

“We need to be sensible [to] hear and say okay how many locations, not just Pagak but many locations and that costs a lot of money; logistically [it is] very difficult,” he said.

He said that “if the government can’t pay for it and the IO can’t pay for it, we need to see what can donors pay for to bring enough people back to get the government underway.”

The money will not be given in cash to the IO, said Croker, but will be paid to companies that will transport the forces. The amount will also be determined by the number of forces and their locations.

He added: “If we get the information from JMEC today, that these necessary provisions are in place in terms of number, it may be a week or how many days to put the process in place.”

Ambassador Croker also said the immediate formation of a transitional government is the only way to avoid the country from collapsing.

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4 comments on “Breaking News: The end of Dinkism is looming Troika offers to transport Dr Riek’s forces to Juba”

  1. That is what we are waiting for acccording to agreement ,event thoough s.sudanes have problem by themselve that related to tribulism our own God who create that land and every thing in it will make that peace trust and enjoyeble to every citizent , we dont mind who commeted to peace amoung the leaders we just need premenant peace that can engulf all dote or individual that kill southand of people in front of us, my advise to every one if commite to peace, traditionally if you can get some thing good with your abilities dont come and insult the weak who fail to get it will remain valueless, that is that if you get some body who can transport forces to Juba is good step but use words of peace as best tools for real peace steps toward peace are like this, peace no war, peace no tribulism, peace no disagreement,ETC thank for your tention Idont mind about your reaction but your understanding

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