Breaking News: Thomas Duoth Guet leak to Africans Press that Awan Guol Riak, a Dinka man stolen Salva Kirr’s Suite Case full of $1 millions dollars and then ran to Canada


awan.jpgFeb. 15, 2016,  Yesterday February 14, 2016,  rumors are circulating in Juba that the Minister in the office of President Kirr, Mr. Awan Guol Riak stolen $1 millions Dollars and run to Canada. Director of Security  and newly appointed Western Bieh State of Pangak based on Salva Kirr’s 28 State Thomas Duoth Guet was on the phone all days on Feb. 13, to 14, 2016 trying to reach all mean to stop Awan Guol Riak. Thomas Duoth Guet was trying to call those of Nuer who he knew because Thomas Duoth was thinking that this guy is going to joins SPLM-IO. However, Awan did not have any contact with SPLM-IO rather decide to when directly to Canada and took the money with him.

It is unclear whether he took money to Canada or he leaves them in Nairobi where  Awan Gool Riak then board a plane to Canada.

According to Thomas Duoth Guet who calls some of the people that he knew from the SPLM-IO, Awan Guol Riak break in to Salva Kirr’s private home Bank that he used for personal travelling allowances and as a minister , Awan has access too to the money. Awan Guol Riak who was alleged to be a Canadian residence stolen money from Juba and travel to Nairobi where he then managed to board a plane to Canada.

Thomas Duoth Guet says that Awan Guol Riak run to Canada with $1,000,000 USD in Juba.

President Kirr directed Thomas Duoth, the Director for external security to caught the guy at airport in Nairobi but security coordination failed to arrest him. As of Feb. 14, 2016, the guy went to Canada successfully which mean that the presidents allowance  money are gone and there’s no money remained.

It is the Minister in office of the president who is responsible with the amount, either to keep it for another trip or return them to the account or steal them. So Awan opt for his welfare and ran away immediately the money was released for those who are travelling abroad for the government missions including president

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