Africans Press’s response to Ateny Wek Ateny for the news it broke yesterday: Thomas Duoth Guet did contact Africans Press


A response to Ateny Wek, Africans Press stand firms on it report aabout the money that was stolen in the office of Salva Kirr by Awan Guol who happened to be a Minister in the office of the President.

A response to Ateny Wek Ateny who tries to covered up the truth, the Secretary in the office Salva Kirr.  Ateny Wek Ateny is a liar who try to covered the truth regarding to the $1 Millions Dollars stolen by Awn Guol. The Africans Press still stand by its report on February 15, 2016. As was reported, Awan Guol did indeed steal the money and if he is in the hand of Thomas Duoth Guet, then, he might have been caught on his way to Canada.

We confirmed our news directly from Thomas Duoth who at first contacted individuals from SPLM-IO and then later contacted Africans Press.

It is obvious that Ateny have denied many truth in the past, and people of South Sudan should be surprise by these covered up either.

Ateny said that “No. There’s no any missing money from the office of the president,” Ateny Wek Ateny, Presidential Press Secretary, told Eye Radio.

Mr Ateny said the office has never had a huge amount of cash for the last three weeks.

“The only time that such money can be available is there is traveling or there’s a plane to be hired,” he added.

This is all lies, we know what have happened and the people of South Sudan deserve to this.

Lies can’t add up, the minister wasn’t in Kenya as claimed by my friend Ateny Wek Ateny. Awan Guol was in Uganda on a private mission to deliver money pledged by President Kiir for election in Uganda. Seriously? The pledge delayed due to economic hardship being face by the country.

Awan Guol came from Juba with Thomas Duoth on the same flight, Awan was accommodated in Hilton Hotel, than proceeded to Kampala.

Thomas Duoth received a phone call from Long body the bodyguard of Salva Kiir, requesting Thomas Duoth to investigate Awan Guol,.

Duoth responded by saying first of all Awan Guol is a minister, second this a foreign country, I can’t do anything.

Awan Guol today call the protocol officials at South Sudan embassy in Kenya informing them about his arrival at JKIA but on transit to Juba.

You can see how the minister is stammering? Intimidated.

Stay tune


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  1. Africa Press News, y not 2 bring Thomas 2 Jubat plus your representative tgether in order 2 prove this barbaric report. Awan is nw in Juba. Y rebelling again? Y not 2 be confident of yoursej avoid bias reports in this contemporaneous situation.

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