Breaking News: according to Eye Radio in Juba, Ateny denies the Truth of loss of $1 million and failed to acknowledge Thomas Duoth Guet’s version

Ateny Wek Ateny-Presidential Press Secretary Courtesy - of -
Ateny Wek Ateny-Presidential Press Secretary.

The Office of the President has denied media reports that a senior government official has stolen $1 million from the office.

On Monday, Africa Press reported that the unnamed official took the allowances allocated to foreign trips and fled the country.

It also reported that a senior security official was asked to stop the official from traveling abroad on Sunday but failed to do so because of poor coordination.

“No. There’s no any missing money from the office of the president,” Ateny Wek Ateny, Presidential Press Secretary, told Eye Radio.

Mr Ateny said the office has never had a huge amount of cash for the last three weeks.

“The only time that such money can be available is there is traveling or there’s a plane to be hired,” he added.

In 2013, some $70 million was stolen from the office of the President.

An investigation led by the chairman of the anti-corruption commission found that some officials in the office were involved.


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  1. I don’t think this is a true story about minister Awan Guol Riak, he is a very professional man, graduated from law school, and I don’t think he would commit this stupid killer mistake of his political life

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