Dinka government in Juba? 99% of government employee are all Dinka, such as undersecretaries and Directorates are 99% Dinka

south-sudans-president-salva-kiir.jpgBy Africans Press’s editorial

Feb. 16, 2016, There is unbalancing in all Government important Directorates and undersecretaries….99% are all Dinkas occupying these important positions. Is this what Dinkas want in South Sudan? Killings innocent of South Sudanese to employ themselves in the expenses of all?

1. Director General of Customs services –Major General Akok Noon Akok- Dinka Bhar El Ghazal

2. Director General of Prison Services- Gen. Henry Kuany Aguar -Dinka Bhar El-Ghazal

3. Fire-brigade Commission- Gen. Gregory Thiepdit Akol-Dinka Bhar El-Ghazal

4. Directorate of Nationality, Passports and Immigration-Gen. Augustino Maduot Parek- Dinka Bhar El-Ghazal

5. Inspector General of Police Services- Gen. Makur Marol Aduot- Dinka Bhar El-Ghazal

6. SPLA Chief General Staff. Gen. Paul Malong Awan- Dinka Bhar Ghazal

7. Director General of Internal Security – Gen. Akol Koor Kuc -Dinka Bhar Ghazal

8. Commissioner for Refugee Affairs-Gen. Bol John Akot-Dinka Bhar El-Ghazal

9. Undersecretary of Finance- Garang Mabior Wol-Dinka Bhar El-Ghazal

10. Governor of Central Bank-Korneilio Koryom Mayiik-Dinka Bhar El-Ghazal

11. Undersecretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Abdun Ter Koc-Dinka Bhar El-Ghazal

12. Chairman, Board of Directors for civil Aviation -General Agasio Akol Tong- Dinka Bhar El-Ghazal and the list is long.



  1. Wait for your nuer government too, are you people think that you are working for the betterment of s sudanese? If not so why did riek machar appoited his wife to be head of security commitee?

  2. Well, Dinkas don’t shame in their culture the very greedy human the family of hyena. That’s the same scenario government of Abel Alier