James Hoth Mai killed Nuer in Juba, Puljang killed nuer and destroyed Bentiu, Bol Kong on his way to Lou Nuer again: Is it a cursing or a blessing for Nuer people to kill themselves with the SPLM/A name?


SPLA top generals used to send their soldiers into Nuer villages and burned down and killed every living thing in those villages. When a disagreement occurred within the movement, the Nuer are the only suffering most in the Nuer hands. Mathew Puljang burned his own state and Bol Koang did it in Akoba and now do it one more time. Do we have Dinka Generals who are doing the same to their communities? Since 1983, a Dinka top general sided with Nuer never attempted to kill his own people to make Nuer colleagues happy but Nuer.
I am thinking deeply about this and why it happened constantly. My final answer is likely to say Nuer maybe related to quote used by Dinka Bor to Dinka Bhareghazel: “foolish majority” who have no courage, ability to solve their internal problems. Dinka said in the start of the war of 2013, Nuer will fight among themselves and Nuer shouted out no, no, nothing like that will happen to us this time. Late general William Nyuon Bany and General James Mai taught Nuer civilians some good lessons back in 80s. And Now, General Mathew Puljang and General Bol Koang replaced old generals. Why Nuer are victims always?

The problem is within Nuer leadership; Nuer are weak in leadership to help themselves before they help other South Sudanese. If they are strong in leadership, why they cannot control internal problems?The familiar quote said: “charity begins at home” that means leadership began in family. Dr. Riek Machar’s own state, county divided itself before war began because of leadership negligence.

Some Nuer Counties were not represent in state and central government. Nuer are their own problems. The Dinka are blessed to have this powerful Nuer tribe in term of protecting them in fight against other Nuer, and foolish in terms of leadership in South Sudan. A Dinka joined Nuer and only use their tongues; in contrast, a Nuer joined Dinka only use their guns. Do you see what I meant Nuer are foolish majority in South Sudan?
Nuer are blessed to fight back any enemies but foolish to convince, to love, and to listen to themselves but positions and ignoring weak part of their communities/clans where Dinka get these ignored clans and built it strong and used it toward Nuer people.like general Bol and general Puljang.

Let the weak and strong clans within Nuer share the same rights to lead and then the enemies will get no room to harm our community as Nuer people. There is no peace in South Sudan unless one side completely defeated like what happened in Ethiopia 1991, like what happened in Uganda in 1986 and like what happened in Sudan in 1989. There is no soft way in Africa to take over government unless opposition surrendered themselves to governments. Good Luck Nuer people in South Sudan!~John Guek