Breaking News: Juba and Pagak had revealed the names of ministers for TGoNU.






SPLM has named nominees to be appointed ministers in the Transitional Government of National Unity. Cde Daniel Awet Akot, who is a member of the SPLM Political Bureau, says they are awaiting Dr Riek Machar to return to Juba for the formation of the unity government.

President Salva Kiir appointed Dr Riek Machar as first Vice President last week. He gave Dr Machar a week to report to the capital and failure to do report to Juba as per his boss directive will amount dismissal.

However, Dr Machar said  will travel to Juba unless adequate security arrangements are made in line with the capital’s demilitarization provided for in the peace agreement and body guards are transported.

Juba is unhappy and undermine Machar’s above claims because they wanted to maintain the old constitution which give Salva Kiir all power to fire his deputy at will. Juba is against IGAD plus documents- ARCSS that reduce some of their power.

The demands made by Machar are not going to work because Kiir want to come to Juba to return to the same system of before.

Daniel Awet Akot says the following names have been sent to the president for final approval. All the names of the government nominees are ready and President Kiir is going to form the TGoNU if Machar disobey his order by not returning to Juba with in one week as per request made earlier last week.  The government named the following national leaders for national ministerial portfolios as follows;

  1. Hon Michael Makuei Lueth- Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs
  2. Gen John Kong Nyuon- Ministry of Housing and Urban Development
  3. Hon Deng Athor Bech- Ministry of Finance, Economic and Planning
  4. Hon Riek Gai Kok- Ministry Health
  5. Hon. Kuol Manyang Juk- Ministry of Defense and Veteran Affairs
  6. Gen Paul Malong Awan- Ministry of National Security
  7. Gen James Hoth Mai-Ministry of Communication Technology and Postal Services
  8. Hon Philip Thon Aleek- Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism
  9. Hon. Chol Tong Mayay- Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security
  10. Hon Nhial Deng Nhial- Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs
  11. Hon Bior Ajang Duot- Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sport
  12. Hon John Gai Yoh- Ministry of General Education and Instruction
  13. Hon Awut Deng Acuil- Ministry of Child and Social Welfare
  14. Hon Anna Ito-Minister in the Office of the President.
  15. Gen David Yau Yau- Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries
  16. Gen Aleu Ayiny- Ministry of Environment and Forestry

Cde Akot had revealed 16 names without further mentioning who to hold what ministry. As per the peace deal, GRSS will take up 16 ministerial positions in the interim government while SPLM/SPLA-IO will take 10 while other political parties will share the remain four, which bring to the total of 30 ministers for TGoNU.

A senior member in the SPLM-IO had reveals that they had nominated 10 ministers for the transitional government of national unity but unaware as to whether the names were forwarded to president Salva Kiir for the final approval.

According to SPLM-IO senior member who was contacted by African Press had revealed the list of 10 nominees from army position as follows;

  1. Gen Alfred Lado Gore-Ministry of Interior
  2. Dr Peter Adok Nyaba- Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology
  3. Hussien Maar Nyuot- Ministry of Petroleum
  4. Capt Mabior Garang de Mabior- Ministry of Water Resource and Irrigation
  5. Dr Dhiew Mathok- Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management
  6. Gen Taban Deng Gai- Ministry Labor, public Service and Human R Development
  7. Gen. Khamis Abdel-Latif-Ministry of Mining
  8. Amb Ezikiel Lol Gatkuoth- Ministry of Energy and Dams
  9. Richard K Mulla- Ministry of Federal Affairs
  10. -Oyet Nathaniel Peirino: Ministry of Land, housing and Urban Development

While Former Detainees had names Deng Alor for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and John Luk for Ministry of Road and Transport, the names which are already lying in president office awaiting. African Press did not receive the names of others political parties for the following ministries 1-Cabinet Affairs and 2-Tranport.

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44 comments on “Breaking News: Juba and Pagak had revealed the names of ministers for TGoNU.”

  1. These news source is trying to create a tension between our people. No nyamnyam representives and other parts of Greater Upper Nile.

  2. The same people who caused the war have appointed themselves to continue the self imposition! And develop their clans, they will still do nothing to develop RSS, all the civilians who have been attacking fellow civilians basing on tribes should learn that thats political bastards are only self interests. Am tired of appointments

  3. There is nothing changed they are same thives coming back to enjoy with their children after they kill our beloved youth who joined the army because of unemployment due to personalization of public institutions and corruption but
    God will judge.

  4. So that is what they call formation of goverment of national unity equatorians are not even named in the goverment list so we are just waiting for the fedral goverment so that we have our own well structure goverment for peace and developent of beautiful fedral states of equatoria and it must be.

  5. Will the so call TGoNU compensate the citizens after forming this filthy government.
    All the time, wrong people in the wrong position.
    Am tired with the old goons systems.
    May change come soon.
    Meanwhile what I want is peace to prevail sooner more than it is later.

  6. Oh , but why SPLA IO are not given their positions that were been allocated to them in Ethiopian agreement ,it seem as there is something like hidden points with this cabinets ministries that were been announce by kiir govt

  7. Ministry of Land, housing and Urban Development and Ministry of housing and Urban Development is in both government and IO. to me they are of less difference.

  8. I bases my comment on IGAD+,not to oblige the TGONU under consideration of the Salva Kiir’s gov’ must be firm of the transitional government of national unity principles.Both waring parties are under formation TGONU no supremacy to any of the party as an eligitemacy law activist out of TGONU.Salva Kiir is unconstitutional president until formation of national unity is done and the draft constitution for national unity shall be justify where he will act as chairman of national unity under the articles of TGONU law.

  9. Bro Teng, padang are not United, how can you recognized someone who doesn’t know him or her self? See what the governor of Ruweng state did is completely awkward. Nepotism and clanism. Who is going to clap his hand again, we must all be slave of Nuer and BarElgazal.

  10. Call it Government of National Disunity (GoNDU). For this time, it is going to be the rest against the Chiefs. Hey S Sudan comprises of 64 tribes if want it put that way.

    Come on there forks in the government nominees who do not even know where to start from…….(you who i am talking about)…alas, they might only be thinking of adding more V 8s and the list of their wives……and yes, the other maths continues.

    1. You’re right brother. South Sudan needs savages, but Equatorians are not. They’ll need to start raising their dead warrior ancestors, or else they’re done. SS needs guns more than anything else. You’ll only be recognized when you kill lots of innocent Junubiin..God have mercy on SS!

  11. They problems are raising again in our country South Sudan sons and daughters.
    Our country is yet running with many issues, it will not going to stopping whispering from one end others

  12. The man who recruited and executed Juba massacre has been place temporarily as head of NS to cover-up any future investigations in the meantime. What after that, Hague to face the justice?

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