Equatorian leaders worldwide demanded Col Joseph Bakosoro be released unconditionally.

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The chairperson of Equatoria community, Mr Federico Awi Vuni had registered generals views of Equatorian public across the globe concerning the unlawful detention of their, leader, son and father.

It was since August 21, 2015  when as South Sudanese security operatives working for president Salva Kiir’s government on Friday released Colonel Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro, former Western Equatoria state governor without charges after spending four days in detention.

Members of parliament from the three states of Equatoria region were critical to Salva Kiir government and issued a statement demanding his release or be taken to court if there was a crime he had committed. Majority of Equatorian were deeply disappointed, since the  circumstances surrounding his arrest remain unclear.

Although he was released from jails after five days, Bakosoro confirmed that he just reached home and ready to make statement to the media” on the circumstances leading to his arrest after his dismissal from governorship just few day later. But he had not made public till date to aware public about his situation leading to his arrest. While government have not informed citizens about former governor of WES about his case.

The Equatorians in the Diaspora and at home are deeply concerned about his arrest, welfare and safety. State community leadership and faith based group also asked the new governor to delay going to the state and instead push for the release of the former governor.

We see this action of arbitrary arrest and harassment of the former Governor as a step by the Government of South Sudan to intimidate Equatorian citizens.

On behalf of all Equatorians and other peace lovers, we demand immediate and unconditional release of the former Governor who have been arbitrary arrested without any due legal process.

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