James Hoth Mai does not deserve to live: There is no room for Gathoth Mai

gen-james-hoth-mai-chief-of-general-staffs-of-splaBy Justin Koang

Feb. 17, 2016, Hoth Mai, a voiceless vulnerable veteran, suffering from identity crisis, was appointed to the position of the army’s Chief of General Staff in 2009 to replace Gen. Oyai Deng Ajak from Shilluk Tribe. Hoth was appointed because he is a diehard Dinka loyalist, who is never expected to betray his dinka counterparts at any cost. Hoth has proven that he is more interested to serve the dinka people as a tribe or a nation for a long time but now the dinka leaders have betrayed him.

Hoth betrayed his family and the Nuer.

During his daughter’s weeding to a dinka son in 2011, the uncle of the boy openly announced while looking at Hoth’s face that he gave away his daughter to a dinka to prove his over 30 years loyalty to the dinka people. The former central bank governor, Elijah Malok, was referring to Hoth’s support for the SPLM/A movement, when majority the senior SPLM/A officials such as Kerbino Kwanyin Bol, William Nyuon Bany and others followed Machar’s South Sudan Independent Movement. Hoth accepted that his daughter, Nyathon, was married off to serve tribal interest but not love.

Gathoth, as he was initially named at birth, has changed his name to Hoth or Oath. Gathoth dropped the prefix “gat” because it easily identifies him as a Nuer and not a dinka. “Gat” which means son and “Nya”, a prefix for a girl name, are commonly identified as Nuer names but Gathoth did not want to be identify as such. He is now stuck with “Nyathon” because if “Nya” is dropped the resulting name (Thon) would be for a male and not a female any more. Nyathon is married to a dinka and she is now a full dinka, with dinka culture and language.

Hoth is doing everything to continually betray his people, the Nuer people. This fully demonstrates that Gathoth is no longer Gathoth but oath to serve Dinka.

Hoth Mai watched Salva Kiir transforms the country from a democratic state into a military regime but chose to praise him and worship South Sudanese Pound(SSP). Gathoth never say anything that would disappoint Salva Kiir or his the dinka tribe. He was fooled to believe that is how you serve a country but only in Dinka culture. He has been instructed to kill his people for him to be on the “right side of the history” and be recognized as a hero. Now, Gathoth is a hero but he can’t keep his face among his people. He is too shame, he has to kill his own brother to be called a dinka hero. Gathoth never knew that he was only serving a short-term tribal political marriage. Even Nyathon will one day be divorced and dumped like Oath himself. Hoth denied the tactic (coup), which was driven to kill the Nuer people but only after he was removed from the important position.


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