Break News: Malong Awan had denied the family of late Gen Lual Diing Wol a right for Burial at Araith Village




Lual Tomb

The late Gen Lual Diing prepared tomb awaiting his burial at home-Araith village.

Feb 18- According to press statement release by Gen Dr Dhieu Mathok Diing Wol after they were denied to bury their dear one.

The family of Wol (Arumjok) Reec Lual, I would like to inform relatives, in- laws, friends, Aweil Community Worldwide and the entire South Sudanese that the family at Majok Diing Wol village met under elderly member Executive Chief Atak Diing Wol and requested all family members to distance themselves away from what is taking place in Juba the letter read.

“The burial of Lual Diing Wol in Juba is against his will. Lual Diing indicated, in many occassions his will that he should be buried at Atokthou”the family argued.

During the struggle late Gen Lual Diing told relatives and his bodyguards that in an event of his death under any circumstances his body must be taken home, and if the situation doesn’t allow he must be burnt and the ashes must be taken home for burial.

late Gen Diing Lual also revealed to Dr Dhieu personally in 2010, when he started constructing his house in Araith that “he is finally coming home, Dr Dhieu testified. 

There is no force under this sun that could go against the will of a decease and leave unchallenged, the letter read. This is not politics.

Paul Malong Awan conspired with Malong Asha to bury “Lanbar” in Juba, which is totally against his will. It’s unfortunate that the issue was brought to attention of H.E President Salva Kiir to stop this social crime, however, as usual he supported Paul Malong on his conspiracy.The family therefore decides the following condition to be effected by the government.

  1. Lanbar’s remains must be brought home for burial.
  2. In case, President Salva and Paul Malong insist that the Lanbar’s remains are be buried in Juba, no family member should attend the burial and funeral rites.
  3. the graveyard which was prepared in Araith for his burial two days ago (here in pic) will remain unclosed.
  4. Requests all South Sudanese to distance themselves away from what is taking place in Juba as a conspiracy against will of late Lual Diing Wol “Baba Africa” or “Lanbar”.

The family have registered their grievance and awaiting the response  from government with above condition and demands, in case the no response then the above condition will remain unchanged.


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